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How Would You Like to Participate in a Private Group And Surround Yourself With The Advice, Council and Personal Cooperation of Other Like-Minded Business Owners Who Are Willing to Lend Wholehearted Aid to You in Order to Help All Participants of The Group to Achieve Better Economic Success in Their Businesses?

Join Us! Wednesday, January 28th from 6-8 PM for the Kickoff of our monthly Mastermind Meeting at Spark. Food and Drinks Provided. Join the meetup and RSVP by Jan 26th.

Do you need people in your corner who truly get your problems and provide specific powerful solutions?

Do you need someone to keep you honest and hold you to the solutions you commit to?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could have that from someone with absolutely no desire to gain financially from you? Who just wants to see you succeed?

What is a Mastermind Meeting?

The effectiveness of the mastermind meeting comes from the careful combination of the right participants. Each participant must have a special ability to unlock something in the others. Once the group is carefully created, each participant shares ideas, methods, and perspectives which upgrade the thinking of fellow group members.

The result is that each member begins to operate as if he or she had the combined brilliance of all the members.

"In our first meeting, I was enabled to drop my guard and absorb deep insights that paid off both financially and emotionally within days. I went home that night with renewed inspiration and found strength to address challenges I had been having.”
- Mike Cybulski, Ann Arbor Entrepreneur -

Who Should Attend

ANY business person who would:

• Like to eliminate that feeling of "being alone" by bonding with a group of likeminded people in the same situation you're in.

• Like to gain insight into their lives and business that they would probably not have come up with on their own.

• Like to spend your time sharing and learning successful insights from other successful business men and women

Why You Should Attend:

Mastermind groups have repeatedly and consistently provided the following benefits to all that participate:

• Accountability: It's been proven over and over again that humans are more likely to achieve goals when we are accountable to other people. The mastermind is perfectly designed to take advantage of this unique human quality.

• Growth: Many mastermind group members form strategic business relationships with other members of the group. All to often the end result of this is additional streams of revenue and growth opportunities.

• Specific Knowledge: A group that is comprised of many people with different backgrounds that are in different businesses. This will help you fill in gaps in your own business knowledge. It also allows you to see your own business challenges though a new lens.

• New Perspectives: Having business conversation with people from outside of your industry may question your long held beliefs or will suggest innovations from a new point of view that will benefit you.

• Support: You'll form close bonds with the other members of the mastermind group and the other members will become a place you can turn when you're having trouble in your business.

• Energy: Being a part of a close knit team that understands you and your objectives is a wonderful and energizing experience.

Join Us! Wednesday, January 28th from 6-8 PM for the Kickoff of our monthly Mastermind Meeting at Spark. Food and Drinks Provided. RSVP by Jan 26th to team@adeptmi.com (include name and # attending).

For extra insider info about the kickoff event - Register On Our Website by Clicking The Link Below and Fill Out The Convenient Form Right on The Home Page:

Get Insider Info On The Event By Registering Here: www.a2mastermind.com (http://a2mastermind.com)

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