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African Ancestral Lesbians United for Societal Change (AALUSC) (http://www.aalusc.com) is one, if the oldest organizations in the Nation providing safe space and services to Out Lesbians of Color.

We have four chapters (New York, Northern New Jersey, Atlanta and Philadelphia)

This meetup is set up to meet the needs of lesbians of color within New York City's five (5) boroughs by providing a safe space to gather, socialize and discuss the issues that matter to us as a community through social activities, workshops and groups, volunteering, activism and community organizing.

I look forward to having amazing experiences with really dope people.

You can click here (http://www.aalusc.com) to learn more about the organization

More About AALUSC:

AALUSC looks to provide a community space for and by same gender loving womyn across the African Diaspora, regardless of Language, Class or Culture; to be active participants in sustaining and growing our community; to be active in bringing awareness to, providing solutions for and shaping policy around issues that affect our community; to partner with other organizations in the community that share AALUSC mission, goals and values

We are committed to the spiritual, cultural, educational, economic and social empowerment of African Ancestral womyn. We are dedicated to making our voices heard in advocacy of womyn's rights through a redefined philosophy and holistic objectives.

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Join AALUSC: NYC Dyke March

Bryant Park

NY Liberty Pride Night

Barclays Center

Candle Making Class and Brunch


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