A Day of Arabian Nights

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Vornado Crystal City

2011 Crystal Drive · Arlington, VA

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READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! If you don’t follow them, you won’t be able to play. We have received permission to use a company’s conference rooms for this event. Only two people have a key to let us into the building, so we all must meet at noon in front of 2011 Crystal Drive and go in together. If you fail to make the rendezvous, you can stand at the door all day shouting “open sesame” to no avail. Once we’re inside, there’ll be a locked door between us and the restrooms, so we’ll have to take breaks periodically to let people pass (pun intended and you know it).

The good news is that this is a quiet office suite with comfortable chairs and large tables. There’s a convenient kitchen (no key required) with refrigerator and microwave that we can use to store snacks. BRING FOOD AND DRINK WITH YOU TO LAST ALL DAY! While it's always nice to share, it's important that you have enough of your own supplies to last through the entire adventure.

ALCOHOL IS PROHIBITED. Remember that you will be speaking extensively, so be sure have plenty of whatever non-alcoholic beverage keeps you in good voice. Our permission to use this space in the future depends on our good behavior, so please avoid spills, take good care of the company’s property, and dispose of trash properly.

Now, as for the game itself:

Join a small group of adventurers who meet at irregular intervals for an epic journey into the world of the Thousand and One Nights. Based on the literary classic, Tales of the Arabian Nights is a storytelling game in which the adventure changes depending on your choices as you roam through a fantasy world. Employ your best reading and acting skills as you’re called upon to recount the escapades of mad sorcerers, abducted princesses, and other characters from ancient Arabia. This video review will give you a good idea of what you’re getting yourself into when you sign up for this event:

Expect the session to last six hours or more, possibly several hours more. Recent games have run as long as 10 hours. If you're one of the helpful people who like to offer suggestions on how to shorten the game, this is not the event for you. This event is for players who want to embrace the fantasy and continue the game until they’ve had their fill of adventure regardless of the score. We’ll usually play with custom-made expanded sets; the extra pieces dispel some of the base game’s limitations without increasing its complexity.

The limit of twelve players is immutable. This number represents two groups of six players. More than this would make the space too noisy for this storytelling game. If you sign up and then find that you cannot attend, please change your RSVP as soon as possible so that someone else may take the spot.

If no more than six players sign up, we'll all play one game with the expanded set. Should more than six sign up, we'll divide into two groups; one can play a "short game" if there's sufficient interest. The short game tends to run 4-5 hours. In recent sessions the expanded game has run nearly 10 hours, a duration that seems to satisfy even the most enthusiastic (some say fanatical) players. Yes, we take breaks and bring refreshments to the table.

First-time players are more than welcome. The hosts of this event enjoy teaching the game as much as playing it. Joining our group is a great way to learn the game: straight out of the box, it may appear daunting, but the rules are easy to learn if someone explains them to you in the proper order. After one turn you’ll be as adept at the mechanics as any of us, and then all you need to do is decide how to react when an angry djinn crosses your path.

The game needs to start promptly. Make all preparations necessary to be certain that you arrive by noon at the building. There are tables and chairs near the front door where you may relax while waiting for everyone to arrive.