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What we’re about

This is a beginner to medium level co-ed activities group that is fun for everyone.We have done things that include running, jogging, hiking, biking, backpacking, camping, local festivities, trips, and much more!! We participate in fundraising runs and have even had a geologist take us to a site to hunt fossils! We are looking for individuals that are interested in getting out of the house and meeting new people but are not extremists. Our purpose is to build a strong group of people who enjoy being socially active on a regular basis as well as create strong and lasting bonds.

We strongly encourage participation! If you sign up for an activity and don't show you will get one warning. On the second no show, you will be notified that you are being removed from the group. During meetups, we plan for everyone that has provided an RSVP. If we are expecting you and you do not show, it wastes the time of the group as well as lowers morale. Please be courteous and drop yourself from an activity one day prior to the event if possible. We understand that emergencies happen and real life can sometimes jump in the way without notice. Keep in touch if things happen however, if cancellations the day of or just before any planed event become a common occurrence you will be warned then removed from the group if it continues. No shows will be continually tracked.

We love to have fun and want to do plenty of interesting activities but in order to make this group a success we must maintain the following policy.

To encourage participation, we require members to participate in a minimum of one meetup a year. This lets us know that you are still interested in what we do. Extenuating circumstances can be considered as long as you maintain contact but if there is no participation in over a year, members may be removed.

Albuquerque and the surrounding areas have so much to offer. It just takes us getting out and finding them! Together we will explore and be active. We will learn many things about the area. We are not limited to just the organizer's ideas, I encourage all of you to present things that you would like to do with a group of active and friendly people and lets make it happen!

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