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ACA Rigging - Tandem Rappel Workshop - SLC

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ACA Rigging - Tandem Rappel Workshop - SLC


This is a FREE workshop, open to all ACA-Canyoneering Meetup group and Facebook members. Participation in this workshop is continually at the discretion of the instructor(s). It is up to each participant to fairly and accurately assess their existing skills to determine whether the material to be learned and practiced is appropriate for their abilities.

OBJECTIVE: Provide students with the necessary rigging skills to set up a tandem rappel in order to assist team members descending easy canyons as with competent leaders and mentors. If you are seeking more complete training, please consider participating in a course offered by an ACA certified instructor/guide. Rigging Guided Rappel skills introduced will include:

• General Safety
• Pros/Cons of Tandem Rappels
• Sequencing and Process of setting up a Tandem Rappel
• Anchors considerations & setup
• Equipment/gear considerations
• Self & Top Rope Belay

Required items to bring to class:

• Harness
• Climbing Helmet
• Rappel Device (Totem, ATS, Pirana, CRITR2, SQWUREL) or similar device preferred. No ATCs or similar tube-type device or Figure 8s.
• 3-4 Locking Screw-Gate Carabiners (HMS, pear-shape preferred)
• 2-20 feet Tubular Webbing
• 10 feet 6mm or 7mm Cord for Knot Practice
• 1-Quick link
• Rope/Rope protection if you can bring it.

• Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about purchasing equipment

Things to note:

• We will be practicing at height! Skills will be practiced with weighted ropes. We will be outside, so dress appropriately for anticipated weather (closed toe shoes, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, windbreaker/jacket, and whatever else you may need to stay comfortable).

• Bring snacks, water, etc. Bring a portable chair/cushion to sit on. Come prepared to take notes (pen, notebook, camera).

• No +1 RSVPs. If you know someone who would like to attend, please have them join the ACA meetup group and sign up using their own account.

• This event will be cancelled if there is inclement weather.

• By signing up for and/or attending this Meetup event, you acknowledge, understand, accept, and agree that: Canyoneering and other outdoor activities can be dangerous and can cause serious bodily injury and possibly death; The organizers of this meetup and current and former members cannot be held responsible or liable in any way for the actions of any participant - including you - at any event; You release and forever discharge the organizers jointly and severally from any actions, causes of actions, claims, damage, loss including death or injury which may be sustained from participating in this Meetup event.

• All attendees are participating at this event at their own risk and are solely responsible for any damage to their property, and/or any injury or loss in whatever form to themselves or their guests.

• By signing up for and/or attending this Meetup event, you affirm that you understand this disclaimer and release, and that you knowingly and voluntarily agree not to bring any type of claim including a lawsuit or other action arising out of or related to this Meetup event against the organizers of this Meetup group.

American Canyoneering Association
American Canyoneering Association
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