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If you can code in C++, you can code in any language. Moreover, you can tackle any programming problem you want. No other language can make as powerful a claim. Please join if you're in the SF Bay area, know C++, or would like to know C++.

The Association of C/C++ Users' San Francisco Bay Area chapter meets a few times a month in Mountain View, Berkeley, and San Francisco. We are loosely affiliated with the ACCU, our UK-based parent organization. Meetings are free and newcomers are welcome!

Follow us @accuBayArea (https://twitter.com/accuBayArea) or on Eventbrite (https://accu-bay-area.eventbrite.com).

Slides from all our previous meetups can be found here (https://github.com/accuBayArea/Slides).

Past events (224)

Santa Clara: Undefined Behavior is Not an Error

NVIDIA, Building E, Marco Polo Room

San Francisco: Discuss Kona 2019 C++ Committee Proposals
Sunnyvale: Workshop and Discussion Group

Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America

Santa Clara: Algorithm Intuition

NVIDIA, Building E, Marco Polo Room

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