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Fun with Lambdas: C++14 Style

Hosted by Association of C/C++ Users - San Francisco Bay Area

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If virtual functions in C++ imply design patterns, then C++ lambdas imply what? What does it really mean to have lambdas in C++? Frankly, I don't know but I've a hunch: It's BIG.

Just like virtual functions open doors to the OO paradigm, lambdas open doors to a different paradigm--the functional paradigm. This talk is not a praise of functional programming or some elusive lambda-based library. (Although, I'll mention one briefly that tops my list these days.) Instead, the goal is to have fun while working our way through some mind-bending examples of C++14 lambdas. Beware, your brain will hurt! Bring your laptop and code the examples right along because that may be the fastest way to answer the quiz.

Sumant Tambe is a Multi-Paradigm System Engineer and a Microsoft Visual C++ MVP. He works for Real-Time Innovations in California where he spends most of his time dabbling into standards-based data distribution middleware for real-time systems. He enjoys solving interesting problems where systems and powerful software abstractions meet. Sumant is also a blogger (C++ Truths), author (More C++ Idioms), open-source developer, father, and a gamer (PS3).