Pattern Matching: Match Me If You Can

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Pattern matching provides a declarative approach to perform structured inspection on complex data types. It’s a very powerful abstraction provided by many programming languages such as Haskell and OCaml, and more recently, Rust, Scala, and Swift.

In this talk, we’ll discuss a proposal in flight ( to add pattern matching as a language feature in the C++. We will discuss why pattern matching is more relevant today to C++ than ever before, many examples of how pattern matching simplifies the structure of code, and discuss the details of the concrete features being proposed.

The goal of the talk is to communicate the state of an early proposal and gather feedback.

About the speaker:

Michael Park works on the C++ libraries & standards team at Facebook. Before joining Facebook, he worked for several years on Apache Mesos, a cluster management system. He is an active member of the C++ committee, and has been working hard on bringing pattern matching to C++ at the language level.