Standardizing the Data Distribution Service API for Modern C++

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Sumant Tambe of C++ Truths ( ( will present on the DDS for C++03 and C++11.

This talk is about the “Whys” and “Hows” of the DDS-PSM-Cxx standard. The DDS-PSM-Cxx standard is among the family of standards around the core Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard for developing high-performance distributed real-time systems. DDS-PSM-Cxx provides a portable C++ API for programming DDS, which is modern, idiomatic, STL-friendly, expressive, safe, and efficient. DDS-PSM-Cxx targets C++03 but makes special provisions for ensuring forward portability in C++11 environment.

The presentation will first describe what DDS is and why it matters. The objectives and the high-level structure of the DDS-PSM-Cxx standard will be described next along with a “Hello, World!” example. The talk will further describe interesting aspects of the standard, such as the support for drop-in replacement of conforming vendor implementations, syntactic cues for vendor-specific API extensions, and the use of various C++03 idioms to provide a clean, safe, and efficient API. We will discuss exception-safety considerations that shaped the standard in important ways. Finally, we will discuss the special rules that allow conforming C++03 applications be forward compatible in C++11 environment.

The presenter, Sumant Tambe, is a voting member of the DDS-PSM-Cxx standardization task-force and works for Real-Time Innovations ( ) in California.