What we're about

ACCU York is a local group of the ACCU ( http://accu.org ), meeting most months to discuss a wide range of topics relating to software development.

What is ACCU? No longer an acronym, ACCU ( http://accu.org ) stands for professionalism in programming. We promote self-improvement for software practitioners. C++, Java, Agile, functional: whatever you're interested in, our members are too.

To propose a talk - http://bit.ly/accu-york-propose-talk

Twitter - https://twitter.com/accuYork

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/accuYork

Past events (15)

ACCU York [May 2020] - C++ workshop - Gareth Lloyd

Online event

ACCU York [Feb 2020] - Metadata is all around you - Dee Vincent-Day

Department of Computer Science, University of York

ACCU York [Jan 2020] - Devs Just Wanna Have Fun - David Bowen

Department of Computer Science, University of York

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