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ACCU York is a local group of the ACCU ( http://accu.org ), meeting most months to discuss a wide range of topics relating to software development.

What is ACCU? No longer an acronym, ACCU ( http://accu.org ) stands for professionalism in programming. We promote self-improvement for software practitioners. C++, Java, Agile, functional: whatever you're interested in, our members are too.

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ACCU York [Feb 2019]

The Catalyst

Talk #1 from Robin Stafford - Back to the Future: Developing in the eighties I started as a full time developer in 1986. The first versions of Windows and C++ had just been released. There was no Java, Linux or World Wide Web. This talk describes what developing was like then, what has changed, and what hasn’t. By looking at where we have come from we might get some pointers to where we are going. Talk #2 from Vishal Soomaney Vijaykumar - A technical introduction to Blockchain Interested in Blockchain as a technology but tired of all the hype surrounding it? This is a technical talk by the President of the York Blockchain Development and Research society explaining Blockchain and consensus algorithms as implemented in Bitcoin followed by an explanation of Smart Contracts as implemented in Ethereum. Many thanks to York Science Park (yorksciencepark.co.uk) for providing us a place to meet and the support of YorkDevelopers (yorkdevelopers.org)

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ACCU York [Jan 2019] - Option(al) Is Not A Failure

Department of Computer Science, University of York

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