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Welcome Friends,

This group is for both new and long-time students of A Course in Miracles - often referred to as 'ACIM.' We meet weekly on Thursday nights from 7-8:30 p.m. to study and discuss the Course together, and generally help support each other live it at a practical level in our daily lives. If you’ve never heard of A Course in Miracles and find yourself at a place in your path where you feel there must be more to life than ‘this,’ or feel a deeper purpose whispering within you but are challenged to hear it clearly enough to follow its guidance, then you’re invited to come sit with us, stay a while and see if the Course brings clarity for you like it has for many.

We generally have at least a dozen attendees each week, so please don't let Meet-up's RSVP count discourage you from joining us.

Landmark Baptist Church*
609 Figueroa Street
Folsom, CA 95360
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Weekly, Thursday evenings
7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Dues or fees:
There are no fees associated with the group whatsoever. We do pass an envelope at the end of most sessions for minimal donations as group members are guided or able to do. Any money collected goes towards small donations to the church most often in the form of bottled drinking water in gratitude for the space they offer us, as well as for supplies for occassional group events, potlucks, etc.

A Bit More:
Though optional fields, please feel free to answer the profile questions when joining the group and add a photo if you have one. This way we can recognize and get to know a bit about each other prior to coming to the group.

To learn more about A Course in Miracles and get a close look at the text, the workbook (365 lessons – 1 for every day of the year) and the manual for teachers, visit the Foundation for Inner Peace website at (

* We're not affiliated with the church but are very grateful for the space they provide us

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