What we're about

The name of this group is “Active Friends Travel With Friends of The World."

Who We Are

We are a fun and friendly group of passionate budget minded travel enthusiasts. Our group provides the opportunity for you to travel with friends whether it is a day trip, weekend getaways, cruises or local and international travel. Besides trips, we offer a variety of local activities that include visits to museums, wineries, top rated restaurants, theatres, embassies, ethnic dining, unique cultural activities and so much more. This group is good for all ages and there is something for everyone. We do not care whether you are a junior, senior or retired. Our only requirement is that you come with a good attitude and a desire to explore new adventures and new experiences while building lasting friendships. Do not let not having a roommate stop you from traveling. Join our group and we will help you to find a roommate so as to avoid that terrible single supplement:


This meetup group was not created for the benefit of any travel professionals to use to further their business. Therefore these individuals are barred from organizing or hosting any events within this meetup group. Check out our many events already scheduled. As a new Meetup group, we are looking for volunteer hosts to host events. Please contact the organizer if you are willing to host an event. The more volunteer hosts we have to host events, the more participation we will have from the members and the more successful this meetup group will be. We need your help, participation and contribution to make this , your meetup group, a fun and exciting group to belong to.

Membership Policy

We are happy to have everyone join the group regardless of your age, nationality or religious affiliations. The experiences within the group will be enriched by full participation by many. However, the Organizer reserves the right to remove individuals from the group for lack of participation, inappropriate behavior (harassment, abuse, disrespect etc. of any member/organizer) and actions not in the best interests of the group. That decision will be made by the Organizer. Additionally, new members must abide by the Cost of Becoming a Member, Photo, Limitations on Use of Member Contact Information, Liability Waiver, Comment Guidelines and Guidelines for Hosts policies and all subsequent future policies to be described on this page.

Cost of Becoming a Member

Currently, there is no charge for membership in this Meetup group. The Organizer pays the required semi-annual Meetup dues to maintain the site and do the many detailed work to provide a a variety of activities for the enjoyment of everybody. As a volunteer, the Organizer will plan and execute the details of group events as best as can be done. However, some circumstances may develop that are beyond her control. Good members will appreciate those efforts and show understanding with a good attitude when circumstances beyond her control arise.

Photo Policy

For consistency, new members failing to submit a photo of himself or herself may be sent the following message:

“We are happy that you have joined our travel group. In order to continue to be a part of this group, it is mandatory that you upload a current profile photo of yourself so that all members of this group can see who will be joining them on these events (in all fairness to the other members who have uploaded their photos). Please do so within the few two days, otherwise, we will have no choice but to disallow your membership.”

Photos of cute animals, cartoons, beautiful landscapes, flowers, objects etc. are not acceptable photographs. Photos prior to an event really do help when groups gather to verify that those who have indicated the desire to participate in an event have shown up.

Members dropped as a result of non-compliance with the photo policy may submit a photo and resubmit their request for membership.

Limitations on Use of Member Contact Information

This group is not made available by the Organizer for others to use for promoting their interests outside of this group.

The main purpose of this Meetup group is to bring people together who have a passion for travel to share their travel stories and develop deep friendships that might result in them traveling together individually or within a scheduled group. The Organizer will offer travel opportunities for the group - both near and far. Members may choose to participate in these trips/events or not.

This Meetup is not provided for professional travel agents, other travel professionals or members to solicit business among Members. Please refrain from using the Meetup and its members solely for solicitation. Professionals and members may participate in events, but must refrain from doing so just to “sell” products.

If the Organizer becomes aware of anyone violating this policy, they will be removed from the group.

Guidelines for use of Conversation/Comment Section Within an Event

The conversation section of an event is to be used by members/organizer to share information about that event that will benefit the members attending that event. If you need to communicate any information to just one individual, it is recommended that you contact that member directly through their profile. Since this is a public website, it is recommended that no personal information such as phone numbers/home addresses be included in this section. We do not need to know your personal reasons why you cannot attend an event. A simple respond YES or NO is sufficient.

The conversation section is also used by members to show appreciation to the volunteer event host/organizer after an event has concluded. We welcome your positive feedback as an encouragement to the volunteer host/organizer for putting on these events for your enjoyment. It takes a lot of time and energy to plan, organize, coordinate and manage these events. Good members will recognize and appreciate these efforts..

The conversation section of an event is NOT to be used as a sound board or a gripe session. Any comments of this nature will be deleted. If you have a personal concern, you should direct it privately to the individual involved and not burden the rest of the members with something that does not concern them. Failure to abide by the comment guidelines might be cause to be removed from this meetup group without further notice.

Guidelines for Event Hosts

The Organizer encourages members to volunteer to host Meetup events. Please volunteer if you think you can provide that service for the benefit of the group.

There may be times people will volunteer to host events. Such events must be submitted for review/approval by the Organizer. If you wish to host an event, please submit a description of the event for review to include type of event, date, time, location, cost (if any), number of participants etc.

1) All events must be submitted to me and be approved by me, the Organizer before being posted.

2) The Organizer reserves the right to delete events deemed not appropriate. These include, but are not limited to:

-Unapproved Parties in private homes.

-High risk activities (e.g., rock climbing, sky diving, bungee jumping etc.).

-Advertisements posted by travel and other professionals masquerading as Meetups.

-Events promoting one’s personal business for personal gain.

-Events requiring members to pay any kind of money to Event Hosts. Some events may require a fee. Members may pay a fee to a third party. For example, member will buy food at a restaurant; member will buy ticket to an event; or member will pay deposit or tour fee to a professional tour company, as examples. (See Item 3 below.)

-Events cross posted from other Meetup groups by Event Hosts unless approved by Organizer of the other Meetup group and this Meetup group.

-Meetups that automatically repeat.

-Meetups with absentee Event Hosts or with none or vague info as to how to find the Event Host & group.

3) Meetup does not allow Event Hosts to collect money through Meetup. Furthermore, the Organizer prohibits offline payments to Event Hosts. Only the Organizer is allowed to schedule events involving collection of money. Any exchange of money by members, other than with the Organizer, is outside of the Active Friends Travel With Friends of the World Meetup group and all risks are strictly assumed by the parties involved.

4) Event Hosts are prohibited from scheduling group trips (beyond day trips) without the Organizer's approval. The organizer understands that there are so many exciting places out there to visit and she cannot possible go everywhere. Members are encouraged to bring their ideas of places they would like to visit and if they are willing to act as host, within the guidelines established by the organizer, they may be granted permission to host a group trip to someplace they would love to go. Please contact the organizer directly with the details of your trip before you book it.

Hosts will be expected to answer questions posed by those interested in the event, to greet event attendees, as possible, and to make all attendees feel welcome to the event. Hosts must alert the Organizer of any concerns about the conduct of the Meetup event and its participants, especially the failure by any Member to abide by the conduct expected and outlined in the Liability Waiver section.

Liability Waiver

I am happy to have you join us on our Meetup events. By signing up for an Active Friends Travel With Friends of the World event you are agreeing to the terms of the Liability Waiver in the Pages section of this Meetup and will conduct yourself in a way that is mindful and considerate of the health, safety, and welfare of yourself and other participants in the Active Friends Travel With Friends of the World Meetup activity.

Upcoming events (5+)


Dar Constitution Hall

Holiday Concert this year, performances will take place on: Saturday, Dec. 21 at 3 and 8 p.m., and Sunday, Dec. 22 at 3 p.m. at DAR/Constitution Hall 1776 D St NW Washington, D.C. Tickets for the 2019 Holiday Concerts will be available beginning Tuesday, Nov. 12 at 9 a.m. by clicking here: https://usnavyband.ticketleap.com/ Each person is responsible to reserve their own ticket using the link above. Each December the Navy Band hosts a concert to help ring in the holiday season, an annual tradition that has become one of our most highly-anticipated events of the year. This concert combines the musical forces of multiple ensembles from the U. S. Navy Band for an entertaining family-friendly show that promises to delight all ages. We've heard that there will be a flyover and visit by a familiar guest as well! Our group will be attending this concert on Sunday, December 21st at 3pm; followed by viewing the Christmas trees on the Capitol lawn (http://www.landlinemag.com/Story.aspx?StoryID=73171#.W9Hf8fZFzIU) followed by dinner at 6:00 PM somewhere? Unfortunately all the surrounding restaurants are completely full so I am unable to get a reservation in for our group. We can explore meeting someplace else such as the Wharf for those interested. Please meet me on the steps of DAR Constitution at 2:30 PM so that we can go in as a group and sit together; I normally sit in the balcony area, next to the right of the control booth (enter the first door facing the entrance and go up to the balcony to the right).


Old Country Buffet

CHRISTMAS DAY LUNCHEON AND MOVIE Don't stay home alone on Christmas Day if you are in town and have no holiday plans. Join Brenda Joyce Ford and other Ski Club, Paul's List and Meetup friends at Old Country Buffet, 2942 Prince William Parkway, Potomac Mills, Woodbridge, VA 22192. We will have lunch together at 1:00 p.m. and some may choose to later attend a movie of their choice at AMC Potomac Mills. The price of the buffet is around $15 and each person should pay cashier at the door and state that you are with the group. Please RSVP to [masked] or call[masked] by 12/22 so she can give a headcount and reserve room to be seated together.

CELEBRATE NEW YEAR 2020 IN SUNNY CARIBBEAN - 12/29/19 to 1/4/2020

Looking for someplace warm and exciting to get away from the cold and celebrate the 2020 New Year? Then come on out and join us on this exciting 6 nights Caribbean cruise to ring in 2020. Imagine dancing the night away on New Year's Eve at the grand party under the stars on the top deck of the ship, while feeling that sweet ocean breeze in the middle of the ocean; swimming in the beautiful white sand beaches in all ports, dining as a group and so much more fun activities. This is a "special holiday sailing and will sell out fast." There will be lots of single adults to socialize with on board! ACT NOW to secure your space before the ship sells out! ITINERARY: 1 Sunday, 12/29/19 Ft. Lauderdale, United States - 3:30pm 2 Monday, 12/30/19 Half Moon Cay, Bahamas 3 Tuesday, 12/31/19 Fun day At Sea -- --PARTY TIME! 4 Wednesday, 1/1/20 Amber Cove, Dominican Republic 5 Thursday, 1/2/20 Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands 6 Friday, 1/3/20 Fun day At Sea 7 Saturday, 1/4/20 Ft. Lauderdale, United States - 8:00am If you need a roommate, please use the comment section to request one and coordinate with each other; however, you may book now as a double, pay the deposit for 2 to lock in the current rate and add your roommate later. COST FOR CRUISE ONLY (based on availability): Interior: From $917 plus taxes $145.52pp Oceanview: From $1119 plus taxes $145.52pp Balcony: From $1289 plus taxes $145.52/pp Regular refundable deposit is $250/pp up to 10/1/2019 Note: Prices subject to change; based on type/category of cabin booked and availability at the time of booking. FINAL PAYMENT DATE: 10/15/2019 Roundtrip airfare to Fort Lauderdale is additional and must be booked on your own. GROUP AMENITIES include 1 bottle of wine and $25 OBC per cabin. HOW TO GET BOOKED AS PART OF OUR GROUP: Email me the following information to [masked]: 1) Your full name as it appears in your passport 2) Your mailing address 3) Your telephone number 4) Your email address 5) Your date of birth 6) Your passport number, issue & expiration dates 7) Type of room needed (single or double). If double, provide the same information for your roommate as both of you will need to book at the same time. 8) Signed credit card authorization for deposit (will email to you when I receive items 1-7) P.S. If you need hotel accommodations or ground transfers in Fort Lauderdale or surrounding areas such as Miami or Key West, please let me know as I will be able to assist with that also. United States Military discount available for Qualified Individuals: • Copy of the military LES (Leave and Earning statement) – provided the social security number is blackened out. • Copy of military retirement papers (DD214 or DD256) • Copy of proof of honorable discharge (Form DD214) • Proof for Cadets: A letter from his/her Commander or a copy of a military pay stub, provided the social security number is blackened out. Please note: A Veteran's Administration card is not an acceptable document.



MARK YOUR CALENDARS...EVENT WILL NOT BE OPEN FOR RSVP UNTIL 3 WEEKS PRIOR TO EVENT..... To celebrate the 2020 Chinese New Year (Year of the RAT), Cathy is offering to do a Chinese cooking class where participants will learn to cook Chinese dumplings and egg rolls accompanied by a savory meal to include the following: 1)Pork dumpling (Teaching and eating); 2) Chicken spring roll (Baked) (Teaching and eating); 3) Grilled Whole Fish (Catered); 4) Peking Duck (catered); 5) Stir -Fried Tofu with Bok Choy (home made, Optional); Bok Choy Chow mein (Home made, optional); 6) Sticky Rice Balls Rolled in Sesame (catered); 7) Chinese tea, soda and bottled water. 8) Others Learn Chinese culture in an authentic Chinese environment. Space is limited to 11 paid participants. Cost is $60/pp. A $10 non-refundable deposit is needed to secure your space. Balance of payment due in cash at the door. Once payment is received, your name will be added to the payment list. Please submit your $10 non-refundable deposit to me via the following payment options: 1) www.paypal.com; type in my email address as [masked] and check the box that says send money to "FAMILY AND FRIENDS" so that a service fee does not get deducted. Where it says "Pay for an item or service" next is the word in blue CHANGE. Select CHANGE and choose "Sending to a friend" and submit. OR 2) www.zellepay.com; Most banks will allow you to transfer money using zellepay. Type in my email address as [masked] and send payment; no service charge applies. Address is in McLean, VA and will be emailed to those who pay the deposit, the day before the event. DEPOSIT RECEIVED: 1) Elfie C. (Paypal) 2) Carolyn H. (Zelle)

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