Event organizer, Stanford Blood Center Liaison


San Jose, CA

Joined group

Sep 11, 2013


Atheist and skeptic.

How did you find us?

In a search for atheist groups.

In a few words or a single sentence, describe your current position with regard to religious claims (e.g. atheist, agnostic, non-believer, believer, searching believer, etc). Please be specific in order to have your membership approved.

Atheism describes what I am not. What I am is a secular humanist, a freethinker, a materialist, a reductionist, a methodological naturalist, and a skeptic.

What types of events interest you, and what do you hope to get from the Atheist Community of San José (ACSJ)?

I like outdoor activities and volunteering to do good without god. If they can be combined, great! I want to hear speakers on many subjects like science, ethics, reason, etc. I like secular and skeptical entertainment, movies, shows, etc., and simply meeting and spending time with intelligent, thoughtful, interesting people.