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This group is for anyone who has, knows someone who has or loves loves someone who has ADD/HD. It's about discovering the best possible life and finding out what that means for you. The workshop is a round-table discussion of all things ADD/HD and how it affects you or your family. We have a group specifically for ADD/HD spouses too! We know it creates a lot of relationship struggles as the two are often moving at different speeds or different directions. So we're here to help with tips and tools to help keep relationship, as well as life, on track.

Will you flourish, flounder or fail? Every person brings important experiences and life lessons to the group. We've all had struggles, trials and tribulations, and victories! We want to hear what has worked for you, the things you've tried, and the things that have fizzled like a firecracker in the rain. We've all had those! Lets get together and talk about the things that make us successful in love, life and work. You will come away with new ideas, new ways of doing things, and new belief in yourself. Best of all, you're not alone because we are a community of supporting and affirming people just like you. Join us!

Because everyone has a different style when it comes to learning and sharing, we will make use of several venues. We will have group room meetups, coffee shop meetups, "walk in the woods" meetups and more. No sports bars or multimedia distractions! Just environments where we can focus and hear each other.

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