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We are a highly motivated group, determined to make a difference in the quality of our respective lives and those of our ADD/HD family. There is no failure in our group, only feedback! We all do the very best we can, given our respective circumstances, every week.

We explore and try on new ideas or ways of looking at our respective lives via our group exercises and discussions. We make every effort to both understand and be understood within our safe space. Through our ongoing efforts, both internally and externally, we learn and shape our behaviors and choices for the next step we take. Shaping behavior, thinking and emotions takes practice, just like learning to walk! We all practiced walking, and didn't stop when we fell; we learned to walk because we continued to make an attempt or effort to do so; we kept practicing! It is one of the ‘invisible costs’ of getting what we say we want. We will learn to overcome our respective challenges TOGETHER! I know we will with the help of one another.

You don't have to feel or be alone with your ADD/HD; we're here for you! We are a lively group of adults living with the challenges and delights of ADD/HD and celebrating our weekly WINS!!

PODCAST SHOW for adults with ADHD: Episodes released twice a week, Mondays & Thursdays & hosted by Dr B: Harness Your ADHD Power (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/harness-your-adhd-power/id1229338780?mt=2)

SOME BENEFITS of attending our weekly support group meetings:

• Being of service to each other in times of need is an important principle of the formation of this group.

• Building friendships with group members has been easier than with others outside our group & a great plus.

• Solidarity Circle: thank you for joining me in this weekly ritual of support and gratitude.

• Peak: A cognitive training app that I've found to be better than Lumosity; paid version has many perks.

COMMUNITY EVENTS - get involved and make your voice heard! Contact Dr. B about items listed below.

• ADD Squad - contracts are signed; the ADD Squad is LIVE.

• ADD Newsletter - quarterly; went live February 2015. Currently on hold currently due to lack of volunteers.

• ADD Journeys - sharing your story to be of benefit to our community and beyond.

• Social Events - if you're interested in an ADD outing or social event, please let me know.

SUGGESTED GUIDELINES for and by our group:

We agree to not date other members of our group, if the situation should arise. It has the potential to create more harm than good.

When offering feedback or 'advice' to another group member, especially based on what is shared in the meeting, please ask the member if they are open to hear your input or would prefer to not. The choice is that of the receiver, and it is NOT the purpose of our meetings to try and "fix" anyone.

ADHD L.A. is a self-support group, not a therapy group, that meets EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT to talk about ADD/HD related issues such as -

• Change

• Organization

• Brain training

• Career choices

• Procrastination

• Communication

• Decision-making

• Academic success

• Time management

• Money management

• Tips in life management

• Leveraging personal strengths

• How AD/HD affects our relationships

• Creating an empathetic and supportive community where "No ADD/HD Adult is Left Behind"

Funny video about ADD - can you relate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GBMS7WPFSs... (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GBMS7WPFSs&feature=youtu.be)

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