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Are you fascinated by human behavior and why people behave in a particular manner? Are you interested in connecting with practitioners, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, researchers and journalists to discuss and better understand behavioral change? Learn how to create sustainable behavioral change in individuals, organizations, and in our community by interacting with research in Behavioral Science- a broad umbrella of concepts from behavioral economics, decision science, psychology, product design, public policy and other disciplines.

We aim to: 1) help translate academic research into meaningful action and 2) highlight behavioral interventions and initiatives conducted in organizations and throughout our community.

Goals of our meetups include sharing:

A) The latest findings in behavioral science
B) How practitioners from diverse sectors are leveraging behavioral science
C) How you can effectively use behavioral science

The Master of Behavioral & Decision Sciences program at Penn (https://www.sas.upenn.edu/lps/graduate/mbds) has been approved to organize behavioral science events as part of the Action Design Network (http://www.action-design.org/), a group of over 10,000 members nationally that network and promote behavioral insights from different fields of research including behavioral economics, psychology, and product design.

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Voting in a pandemic: Behavioral insights for participation in the 2020 election

The health of our democracy depends on robust turnout in the 2020 election, but the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to undermine participation in jurisdictions across the country by exacerbating existing barriers to the ballot box and creating new obstacles that Americans intent on voting must overcome. Join experts from world-renowned behavioral design firm ideas42 to explore how insights from behavioral science can be applied to help voters safely exercise their right to vote this November. Members of ideas42's voting team will share examples and lessons learned from their experience working with a range of partners to help voters understand changes to upcoming elections, build confidence around different voting options, and follow through on their intention to vote. PARTICIPANTS from ideas42: Piyush Tantia, Chief Innovation Officer Tom Tasche, Senior Associate Maya Alper, Senior Associate **ZOOM LOG IN DETAILS TO FOLLOW PRIOR TO THE EVENT**

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