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Armed Defense Training Association (http://www.armeddefense.org/)

ADTA is a member-led, member-instructed non-profit association based in Federal Way, Washington. We promote the safe and ongoing development of personal defense skills by sponsoring regular events:

• Free monthly public seminars and events.

• Monthly live-fire practice events suitable for beginning and advanced shooters alike.

• Special live-fire events with unique scenarios and challenges to improve your shooting.

• We arrange exclusive use of local shooting ranges during ADTA live-fire events.

As a member of ADTA, you can learn and practice many types of defensive handgun techniques not normally available to public range users. You are always encouraged to learn at your own pace, practice the techniques you most want to refine, from basic gun handling on up, and observe the exercises you may want to try later. Learn to defend yourself with a helpful group of experienced neighbors from your own community. No competitions, no pressure but what you put on yourself, and ongoing opportunities to share your own growing skills with others. Welcome to the Armed Defense Training Association!

Upcoming events (2)

FUN SHOOT – ADTA Everett, An Informal Get-together for Target Lane Shooting

FUN SHOOT – ADTA Everett, An Informal Get-together for Target Lane Shooting When Wednesday, Oct 21,[masked]:00 PM - 7:30 PM Location West Coast Armory North, 11714 Airport Rd, Everett, WA 98204 Join us for an ADTA FUN SHOOT – An Informal Get-together for Target Lane Shooting Open to ADTA members, friends, family, and the public. Please plan on arriving 15 minutes early to check in! VENUE: West Coast Armory - North, Everett Event Description How often do you get together and go shooting with friends? Here’s your chance to include more live-fire practice in your busy schedule. And participate in our friendly target shooting competitions. Plus experienced shooters will be present to provide helpful tips for improving your shooting skills. Please join us for fun-filled shooting in a friendly social setting! Please RSVP in the Meetup Group so we can get a general ideal of how many people are coming. Event Highlights Great way to get in more shooting practice time We have interesting and unusual targets Learn defensive skills you can practice in target lanes Learn more about ADTA’s Defensive Shooting training programs Feel free to come early and stay late Because this event is held in the target lanes of a public shooting range, you are free to arrive early and stay late if you wish. You’re also invited to join us at our local tavern afterwards for a brewski or two! What to bring In addition to your eye and ear protection, all participants need to bring their own semi-auto handgun and ammunition. You can rent a gun at the shooting range if you wish, however ADTA will not be providing instruction for new shooters at this event. Range rules and lane rental fees All participants will be asked to follow all shooting range rules, and to pay their own lane rental fees. $25 yearly membership fee $15 charge per visit, per lane $10 guest fee, up to 2 per visit Pistol calibers & rifles up to S&W .500

DRY-FIRE WORKSHOP – ADTA Everett – Training for All Shooters

Build and maintain your shooting skills by attending ADTA’s Dry-Fire training events. This event includes training in the basic skills needed to earn your Safe Shooter and Defensive Shooter certifications. Also includes many of the shooting scenarios you will encounter in our Live-Fire events. Let our Dry-Fire training get you ready for the real thing! What to bring: Bring your own pistol if you have one. Bring an outside-the-waistband hip holster if you have one. Bring a loose-fitting jacket or shirt that will cover a gun on your hip, which will be used for concealed-carry practice. Basic Skills Training at this Event Learn to get good at ADTA's 12-Step Basic Dry-Fire Exercise. Learn to draw from your holster safely by practicing our Five-Step Basic Holster Exercise. Learn other skills needed to get your Safe Shooter certification. Defensive Scenario Training at this Event Home defense situation - shooting from behind cover, in low light using a flashlight. Surprise confrontation - fending off a bad guy who tries to hold you up at an ATM. Active shooter - you are in a restaurant eating your dinner, when a bad guy holds the place up and starts shooting people.

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