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August Meetup #1: Is Austin Really All That Weird?

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Austin loves to market itself under the slogan "Keep Austin Weird", but maybe compared to other cities, it's not actually that weird. It's all relative isn't it?

Newcomers and oldtimers, this week's meetup is a discussion where we'll want some of each of you. If you're available this Wednesday at lunchtime, come participate in a discussion on what Austin's been like for you, as it relates to the graphic design community, or your work, or clients, or the job search, or really anything. And if you just moved to Austin in the last, say 12 months or so, tell us how it compares to the city or area you came from.

Are there other things that make Austin special (you moved here, or have stayed here, for a reason right)? Are there aspects of your previous city or community that you miss and wish you could find here? And on a greater scale, how does Austin's "weirdness" affect you in your work, or job search, or lifestyle, or whatever?

We could even use this as a brainstorming session for new ideas on things we could be doing, or things we'd like to see happening in Austin, or things that need fixing. It's pretty wide open, but we've got new people moving to Austin every day, and joining our design meetup every week, and I really want to hear from you.

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