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D&D 5e Homebrew Madness! (modulus and original stories)
THIS TABLE IS NOW FULL, WE ARE NOT ACCEPT ANY NEW PLAYERS AT THIS TIME. ( IF YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED AT THIS EVENT YOU ARE NOT IN, SORRY ) RULES (or more like, lack there of): This game's rule will be focused on MAXIMUM player options, and MINIMUM player restriction, meaning we are using pure D&D 5th edition rules from any official D&D books or official online supplements, but this is not restricted by Adventurers League rules in any way. this being said. Any rules listed in Adventurers League materiel that ADD options for the players will be accepted, but any Adventurers League rules that RESTRICT the players choices with NOT apply to this game. so... Your characters will NOT be Adventurers League Legal... Sorry... =( Please build a new character; any rules in the official D&D 5th edition books and official online supplements may be used in any combination. you do not have to pick a story origin season. (example being... You may use the elemental evil players companion >>>AND<<< the Sword coast adventurers guide >>>AND<<< Out of the Abyss Backgrounds, to build your character). BACKGROUND: Please be ready on day 1 to share with the DM your characters background story, personality traits, flaws, gods, patrons, etc. in order to help the DM make your character feel like a real boy/girl in the story. ALIGNMENT NOTE: When making your character please be mindful of your alignment. we are not imposing any restrictions. but for example... If you make a Chaotic Evil murder and some else is playing a Lawful Good heroic paladin... and the Paladin witnesses the murder stab some innocent bystander, then that paladin's alignment would require him to ram his longsword up you backside or at the very least turn you over to the authorities never to adventure together again. so when this infighting happens PLEASE do not get angry with the player (or DM) just understand that certain types of characters can not openly coexist (without holding back or hiding their distasteful actions). If you do not feel like you can avoid being personally offended by player vs player fighting, then please try to play an alignment that is less extreme in either direction, as this will make you less likely to chafe against another personality Their are some rules that will be allowed BUT monitored, these rules are as follows: 1) If you roll for your ability scores or hit point (when leveling up), you must do it while the DM is present and watching. (please build your character in full before the first session, but leave the ability scores blank if you want to roll for them) 2) If you make a custom race, sub-race or other customization described in the Dungeon Master's Guide, the DM must approve of the customization that you have come up with (any example race and other option that are already presented in the DM's guide will be accepted automatically) 3) Any feature that you gain or start with, that says something like "Work with you DM to determin yata-yata" you will need to do just that. This is mostly just to make sure the DM can weave your backstory into the game and make things more engaging for you. 4) Make sure you are able to show the DM what source books or online supplements you pulled each of you character's options from. STORY: Some Rumors say that Queen Katherina Digurmattick is a royal b****, and is the cause of the all the chaos on Birdwell Island, along with just flat out hate her due to her drow nature, and thinks she should have not gotten married to a deep gnome, and try to mix races. Others think she is the complete angel, and helps the people out on Birdwell Island, and support her trying to get the drow race to get along with the other races. Her two children Prince Seaclaid Duke Of This, and Princess Regina Duchess Of That are on there own quest, on trying to save there mother. But how is she in danger??? Only the children knows.

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