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Paul M.

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Atlanta, GA

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Nov 17, 2010


I'll give most games a try as a player. As a GM, I'm firmly in the pulp horror genre,though have a soft spot for pulp SF too. I'm only interested in short campaigns or demos. I have been with the guild since 2010.

Where do you live and how far away are you willing to go to play? Also what days and times are the best for you to game?

I live in Kennesaw and prefer to stay north of the perimeter. I can play alternate friday nights, saturdays and sundays.

Are you willing to be a DM or GM, or just a player?

Both, though my tastes as a GM and player are different. As a player I'm a method actor...I like to know what makes my character tick and I like to stay true to the character. My playstyle is high risk/high reward, so I like games that fit that approach. As a GM, my games embrace chaotic, horrific, dark, humorous, morally ambiguous and violent stories, with a strong pulp feel. My focus is on creating a setting and backstory which the players then react to, and the ensuing chaos shapes the story. I prefer this to be fairly freeform and will dismiss rules and the system if it gets in the way of the tale. So..if you're looking for realism, solid tactical play, adherence to rules (also scripts, canon or metaplot) or resource management then you'd be better served by another GM.