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Aho is a venue in Hackney Wick, London which offers events, workshops and ceremonies.

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Ancestral & DNA Healing Hosted by Maria Martinez

AHO Studio


This is a fantastic opportunity to experience ancestral lineage healing that will empower you to connect, heal and nurture your relationships with your ancestors. You will also have the opportunity to receive DNA Cleansing and crystalline DNA activation. Ancestral Healing involves Healing your ancestors' unresolved emotional issues, problems or trauma with the support of ancestral guides with the intention that the process will assist in personal, family, and cultural healing. It releases you from any energetic patterns that link you to them that can have a disruptive influence on your life today. This Healing process is important because we are impacted by emotional and energetic patterns from prior generations in our family. Some of these can create obstacles in our lives, blocking our pathway to joy, abundance, authentic power and unlimited possibilities. You will also have the opportunity to receive DNA Cleansing and crystalline DNA activation. The latest breakthrough research in quantum physics shows that our genes and DNA are activated and influenced by signals from outside the cell membrane. The science of epigenetics confirms that it is our individual choices, based on our degree of consciousness, that play a role and change our cellular structure and level of DNA activation. Transcending our fears by shifting our consciousness to one of trust, harmony and love opens us up to all possibilities. These higher frequencies support our DNA activation in creating profound healing to our body-mind. By releasing limiting beliefs that are ego based and choosing high frequency beliefs that are of Heart Consciousness, we create frequencies that affect our bodies, our DNA, and enhance our ability to create a reality we choose to live within. DNA activation draws to us enhanced experiences in our life. This healing hypnosis session is very easy to do and you will be in total control and aware the whole time that you are doing this although in a deeply relaxed state. All you need to do is relax as you are guided through the meditations. Early bird tickets Sold Out. £20 advance or on the night. RSVP and payment in advance is advised due to only 15 limited places. Via www.aho.community or via meet-up. Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a blanket and or a pillow to be comfortably relaxed. We will also have some. Please also bring pen and paper to record your experience. Maria is a trained Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioners. Maria Martinez www.healingbodyandsoul.com Mobile:[masked] E-Mail: [masked] www.facebook.com/MariaMartinez.QHHT.Hypnotherapy Subscribe to www.aho.community

Ladamira - Restore YOUR Spirit of Wealth & Abundance!

AHO Studio


Aho welcomes the return of Ladamira to London who is a shaman and spiritual healer. She hails from Siberia, Russia and is a ninth generation Slavic healer. For over 20 years, Ladamira has practiced her craft of connecting female wisdom with shamanic traditions to provide transformative spiritual healing. RESTORE YOUR SPIRIT OF WEALTH & ABUNDANCE! Masterclass "Ritual for good luck in the family" with ancient Slavic traditions and methods. Ladamira will open the ancient secrets for you how to build and develop productive relationships with money. She will conduct the ritual for good fortune in your family and you will know the special ways to achieve positive results in your business and your relationships. The ritual will assist in removing financial debts and release of loans, which are transmitted by gender and learn how to release stress and anxiety. 5 Habits to attract love and money! Watch, www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=32&v=wPhtPMiZKfI Payment is £20 in advance via www.aho.community website. £25 on the door. Spaces will be limited. To sign for individual sessions visit www.ladamira.com Subscribe to www.aho.community

Drum Making Workshop with Dorrie Joy. Sat 30th March.

AHO Studio


Dorrie Joy is an internationally celebrated artist and craftswoman who has been making drums for 25 years, and holding ceremonial spaces and drum making journeys for 13 years. She is a woman of the red road and has worked with these altars and ceremonies for over half her life. These drum making workshops are highly recommended by and affiliated with Northern Drum and The School of Movement Medicine. For this workshop, Dorrie will be travelling to London for a day of drum making within sacred space installation. Working within elemental ceremony, in alignment with the land and the season, we will make deeply personal and unique drums crafted as soul vessels of belonging, filled with our intentions and presence and soul songs. No experience necessary! This includes a hand steamed frame of sustainably sourced Somerset oak or ash. The standard size will be 16” but I can make 18” and 14” frames on request. We will mainly work with hand prepared West Country deer skins. Some other skins are available too, eg reindeer and horse. All skins are carefully ethically sourced. We will be working with a Tarascan medicine wheel design which makes beautiful, balanced, prayerful drums and will make a woven cross design in the centre with a single feather. Wear comfortable clothing. We will be working mainly on floor level. Please bring a packed lunch or buy food from nearby venues for the lunch break. Our workshop will finish with a drum blessing. Because the main bulk of the work is in the gathering and preparing of materials, you will need to pay in advance. The price of this workshop is £250 made payable via www.aho.community website or if you would like to pay a deposit of £100 the remaining £150 can be paid on the day. Contact [masked] to request this. You can see more of her work at www.dorriejoy.co.uk And Facebook Dorrie Joy Artist. If there is a specific kind of skin you would like to work with, feel free to contact Dorrie. [masked] Heart blessings, www.aho.community

Embodied Archetype Workshop The Priestess with Lewis Barfoot

“Archetypal patterns awaken in us our own divine potential. They can help us shed light on the dark and little known corners of our souls” Caroline Myss A creative workshop for women exploring the raw energy of the Priestess through visualisations, movement, dance, sounding and singing. Led by actress, singer, theatre maker and healer Lewis Barfoot. Join Lewis on the first new moon of the new year for a guided journey through the body and voice to discover your inner Priestess. This workshop is an invitation to sharpen your connection with your deepest wisdom, intuition and knowing. She has a magical connection to the great mysteries of life, deeply intuitive the Priestess has counselling from her core of her being. Her path is to seek truth about world, the universe and herself. She is mother of all creation of the source energy. She is a connector between the material, physical and spiritual worlds. Join Lewis on this new moon to awaken the Priestess within you. These are empowering, beautiful days full of courage and play; suffused with ritual, healing and ceremony in celebration of the divine feminine experience. It is a space to dive into your fullness as a woman and be all you are without judgement or comparison. Suitable for all women, you really don't need to be an "artist" or "performer" to attend they are for all women. The work may may be therapeutic but it is not therapy. It does not involved any plant medicines. TESTIMONIALS "The honesty and trust Lewis provides when working is beautiful” “Such a transformative workshop and thank you for holding the space so well” "You created such a special, warm & safe atmosphere” “I felt a deeper connection to aspects of myself that I don’t often connect with” “I felt IMMENSE CALM. A lovely way to spend the day - wonderful to be with these women” “ I found today extremely rewarding for my sense of self and my personal journey” COST £30. Max 12 places or £35 cash on the door if places available via Eventbrite or www.aho.community website For more information or for a private session please contact Lewis via: [masked] www.lewis-barfoot-theatre.com Subscribe to www.aho.community for further events.

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