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Where humans meet machines.

From (driverless) cars to (delivery) drones, everything is getting smarter. The pace of conversion justifies the fear it entails. But then there is a flip side; where smart devices are to make us become smarter.


The group is designed for everyone who view artificial intelligence (AI) not in the usual way—as a potential replacement for people—but instead as a useful companion and support to humans, altering human social behavior and opening new vistas.

"I think that we will be very proactive in terms of how we field AI systems, and that in the end we'll be able to get incredible benefits from machine intelligence in all realms of life, from science to education to economics to daily life." -Bill Gates

The group is designed to get coders, designers, technologists, artists, entrepreneurs, evangelists to explore AI in art, music, theater, film, design and how the process can be improved.

From introduction to basic concepts on anything related to it's application and implications; we intend to study all together through workshops, meetups, hangouts, keynotes and other modes.

Welcome onboard!

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Deeptech: Answering the questions of human curiosity

Online event

“There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know”, Donald Rumsfield, 2012.

Known-Known is the part where our learning and assessments lie today. Curiosity lies at Known-Unknown with the desire to know. This is what is driving the science and innovation and more so on Deeptech

If you are interested in knowing more about deeptech and how is that different from tech startups, this is an event not to miss.

It has been quite sometime that we have done an event, met and discussed interesting topics and things that matter. Let's start it again.

For this event, I will be your speaker and am looking for more speakers to join the stage. If you are or you know someone building or working something in deeptech, please connect me to them.

Speaker confirmed so far: Dr. Gaurav Gandhi

More: Coming soon.

About me:

With 18 years of research, technology and innovation Dr. Gaurav Gandhi has extensive experience in team management, strategy formulation and scaling opportunities for technology and research related projects. Dr. Gaurav Gandhi has previously ran a research based product company and has built various innovative products including world's first coherer based memristor, desktop size CNC machine, Education kit for kids. He is also an inventor of 2 granted US patents and has filed various provisional patent ideas.

Gaurav holds a a PhD in Infobionics (Nonlinear Systems/Neural Networks) and B.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering. With a passion for research, he continues to add value to science as an author with more than two dozen research papers in International journals, book chapters and conferences and delivered more than 50 public talks and various workshops on technology. Some of his work includes:

G. Gandhi, L. Chua, "The Detectors Used in the First Radios Were Memristors" Memristor Networks, Springer Nature, 2019
Gandhi, G., V. Aggarwal, and L. Chua. "Memristor: Past, Present and Future." IEEE Circuits and Systems Symposium, Australia, June 2014.

Gaurav is a natural people person, who fosters great relationships in the technology world, with specific focus on AI and ML development. Over the years he has built various developer communities.

Gaurav has been awarded fellowship (Leader in Innovation) from Royal Academy of Engineering, UK and Residency (entrepreneurship) at Microsoft Ventures.

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