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Quantum Computing (QC#1): What's in it for me?
Update: We have finalized one speaker who will give us basic information about QC. Community member Anurag Bhandari, Accenture Research Lab will share his expertise in the domain. Since we have limited seats you have to fill the following form to be invited. Link: You will get the invitation one night before the event. ------ Quantum computing is on the cusp of an explosive growth curve, with applications that will have unimaginably large effects on the human race. These applications include artificial intelligence, material science, pharmaceuticals, finance, general computing and medicine. This meetup will provide an opportunity for tech entrepreneurs, developers, existing quantum computing businesses and researchers in the city to share knowledge. We are looking for speakers, venues and sponsor for the event. Please DM if you have an interest. Following speakers will be preferred: 1. Introduction to QM and QC to average Joe (Mr Tompkins). Hollar if you are Mr. George Gamow or Richard Feynman or have narration skills like them! 2. Applications and Implications of QC. 3. Quantum computing and Machine learning? 4. What is there for existing entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists and students? We plan to keep it as a closed event and invite-only. Stay tuned for more.

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