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If you are curious about Artificial Intelligence and think AI could help in your enterprise development, join us! Our aim is to bring the best speakers on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help you build smart enterprise applications. We will live stream our events, giving you a chance to ask questions and connect with peers around the world.

No matter your current level of understanding, you will learn about technologies, training, new tools, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning principles and approaches, programming models and much more.

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Real-Time Application of Machine Learning to Geolocation using Spark and Kafka

This virtual meetup starts at 10 am in San Francisco, 1 pm in the East Coast, 6 pm in London, 10:30 pm Bangalore, India (Time zone converter - https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20190814T170000&p1=283&p2=179&p3=136&p4=166&p5=438&p6=33&p7=248) Abstract: The application of Machine Learning to geolocation data is being used to identify patterns and trends, for smarter advertising, vehicle location or price optimization, recommendations, anomaly detection, and more. Leveraging geolocation data requires processing events in real time, applying machine learning models to add value, and providing scalable, fast storage. In this presentation, we'll cover the following: - Brief overview of Machine Learning Clustering - Use Spark ML to perform cluster analysis on public Uber data to train and save a model of popular trip locations. - Use the saved ML model with Apache Spark Structured Streaming and the Kafka API in a data processing pipeline to enrich Uber events with cluster locations - Store the results in MapR-DB, a JSON document store. - Explore and Query the continuous rapid results using Spark SQL with MapR-DB. Speaker: Carol McDonald, Industry Solutions Architect at MapR. Carol has extensive experience as a developer and architect building complex, mission-critical applications in the Banking, Health Insurance and Telecom industries. As a Java Technology Evangelist at Sun Microsystems, Carol traveled all over the world speaking at Sun Tech Days, JUGs, companies, and conferences. She is a recognized speaker in Java communities.

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Federated Learning with DL4J and Gluon

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