Lets Annotate Wildfire Smoke Images

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In this event, we will work together annotate HPWREN wildfire smoke images to create an open dataset for smoke detection. We have ~8000 images.

Learn how to create bounding box/polygon/pixel segmentation annotations for deep learning detection model.

It’s our great honor to have Dr. Frank Vernon from HPWREN and Jim Davidson, Fire Marshal for the Valley Center Fire Protection District with us tomorrow. giving an intro of HPWREN and its roles in wildfire monitoring.

Dr. Frank Vernon is PI on the HPWREN program creating a large-scale wireless high-performance data network that is being used for interdisciplinary research and education applications, as well as a research test bed for wireless technology systems in general (http://hpwren.ucsd.edu). HPWREN provides wide area wireless internet access throughout southernmost California including San Diego, Riverside, and Riverside counties and the offshore regions.

Jim Davidson, Fire Marshal for the Valley Center Fire Protection District. He Ilead the “community Risk Reduction” division of our fire department. He has been in the fire service for about 13 years. Prior to that I was a digital ASIC designer and manager of the Digital ASIC team in the All-in-One Printer division of Hewlett-Packard. He spent many years working in the high tech software and hardware industry, and Jim has been a collaborator with HPWREN for about 19 years.

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