Lets Stop Wildfires Hackathon 2.0 Info Session

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We will kick off the Lets Stop Wildfires Hackathon 2.0 and share more infos about the dataset and what we are looking for in the hackathon. We will show how to build a wildfire smoke detector using our quick start repo provided to our participants.

We will also showcase our current wildfire smoke detection system, model results, and different challenges we are working on. We will show different examples of false positives and false negatives.

See our smoke detector model in action: https://youtu.be/QivL6CTH-9c

Learn more about Lets Stop Wildfires Hackathon: https://aiformankind.org/lets-stop-wildfires-hackathon-2.0/

Register for hackathon: https://forms.gle/wM7zRPFMUQptpygX9

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