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Welcome to the AI in Fintech + Finance Singapore meetup group!

AI provides insights—not just answers.

AI is unlocking new potential for every enterprise. The financial services industry is continuously innovating and advancing new technologies in the pursuit of increasing their customer base and finding new opportunities. They are using artificial intelligence (AI) for a number of scenarios that advance their businesses including personalized customer services, risk management, fraud detection, and anti-money laundering while adhering to regulatory compliance.

This is happening across the board and in all segments of financial services - capital markets, commercial banking, consumer finance and banking, and insurance.

As they say, a journey is never over! Your AI journey is just that—a journey, with constant iteration. Plan to rinse and repeat! This means you must stay in charge and monitor your results. Your scored models can (and should) change based on the new data flowing in. Your team should be providing regular updates to key stakeholders throughout the process.

In this meetup group, we will discuss a variety of topics across the financial services spectrum and explore how AI can help accelerate our progress. If you are a data practitioner, manager, thought leader, or just eager to learn about the rapidly changing world of fintech + finance, you should join the group and be a part of the conversation.

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