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Welcome to AID and let us begin with a short story. A man taking a walk on the beach comes across a young girl who is doing something strange. She is taking the starfish one by one from the beach and putting them back into the sea. The starfish were washed onto the shore and the rocks by the waves, and were desperately trying to get back into the sea. He goes up to her and asks her “Why are you doing that? There are ten thousand starfish lying on the beach, how can you make a difference?” She looks at him, picks up yet another starfish and places it into the sea; and responds to him “Well it made a difference to that fish!”. That is the spirit behind A.I.D. The problems of India are humongous, and it is easy to be overwhelmed by them. But the people who started the organizations believed that if they work with commitment, they can certainly make a difference to a few villages, and that is a beginning! Over time, they found that this spirit and commitment is also contagious! Many more people from the community started joining in;A.I.D. essentially grew out of the Washington Area Indian community!

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