What we're about

AI-Maker is a hands-on group at the intersection of AI, IOT, and big data. Our mission is to help professionals and students understand and use these emerging technologies for designing and implementing "smart" solutions. Through hands-on meetups, hackathons, study groups, clubs, and workshops we hope to build a strong, vibrant, and collaborative community for building AI-based integrated, intelligent, and interactive gadgets and applications.

In the coming years, people and machines will connect and communicate with each other seamlessly. Toward this end, conversational AI will play a crucial role. We believe many elements of AI including machine learning, natural language processing, heuristics, inferencing, personalization, and customization will come together to help build engaging conversational interfaces, bots, and intelligent applications. Machines will learn about their environments using the techniques of big data on the mounds of data generated by IOT sensors and devices.

We will learn to build conversational interfaces as well as general intelligent apps using the technologies of leading AI companies such as IBM, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Baidu, Samsung, Salesforce, and many more. In addition, we will learn about the huge potential for commercialization of AI by processing large amount of data and automatically extracting “intelligence” from the data and improving over time with more data.

Please join us if you are interested in solving real-world problems with the applications of AI, IOT, and big data technologies. Contact us if you would like to sponsor the group or leading a subgroup at a company or an educational institution.