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Now, the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is a major technology hype promising many (future) advantages in the business arena. Companies have started pursuing these prospects, often without knowing it's real potential. This, as it is such a meaty (complicated) subject and at same time such a broad area.

But how does this field look like, what do its topics entail and what parts can be applied today, in business? This series of events explain AI-topics in a less technical and more visual way and bring real world examples forward. So that you understand what it means, and what AI can do for you.

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The Foundation of AI: Data

WeWork Weesperstraat 61-105

The Foundation of AI: Data (Also check: https://www.aitoday.nl) In 2019 we’re restarting AIToday! And the first AIToday event in 2019 will focus on the foundation of Machine Learning: Data. Any Machine Learning expert will tell you that Data is the most crucial aspect of any ML application. Without Data, Machine Learning becomes impossible. If you’re an innovator, entrepreneur, or business professional and want to learn how AI and Machine Learning can be applied to your business, AIToday is the event for you. And the best place to start is, as always, with the Data. In this edition, you'll hear all about the practicalities and impracticalities of getting the right data, cleaning data, and using data to train Machine Learning algorithms – all from industry professionals who deal with these hairy matters every day. Why AIToday? Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic more than ever. In this series of events we want to cover real world applications of AI in business in a not-too-technical way, combined with insight in future development. What is AIToday? AIToday brings together three speakers with knowledge of practical, applied AI, loosely organised around a central theme. Top up your knowledge with Artificial Intelligence-topics explained in a visual, understandable way. Get valuable insights with real appliances of Artificial Intelligence techniques by Dutch businesses, including the newest startups. And, of course, plenty of fun, Q&A and Liquid Intelligence (beers) at the end. Programme: 1800 - Doors Open 1830 - Speaker #1 - Arjen Goedegebure (OGD) 1900 - Speaker #2 - Desi Cochrane (Suburbia) 1930 - Speaker #3 - Eiso Vaandrager (Aigency) 2000 - Drinks Registration for this event is free, but to get in you must have registered on meetup.com.

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Neural Networks in business



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