• 1 Day Bootcamp - Raising Private Funding w/ Alan Cowgill

    Huntsville Marriott at the Space & Rocket Center


    Are you looking to start using Private Money in Your Business? Look no further, for this meeting Zack is bringing in one of his closest friends and Mentors to help educate YOU!

    This is a 1 Day Bootcamp on Oct 23rd there is a Seat fee of $50 to learn from the best in the business of learning how to grow your private lender partners... Get Registered with the link below and we will send you the PRIVATE link and code to get access!!!

    👉 https://arespublishing.infusionsoft.com/saleform/nathniuri

    Alan is currently an author, a national speaker, and a private lending consultant. He’s been featured in three newspaper articles about purchasing real estate through private lenders. He’s appeared in three National Infomercials and he’s been published in two books titled “Walking with the Wise” where Donald Trump and other well-known figures also contributed to these books.

    Alan will show you how you can get the money you need to buy single-family houses, commercial buildings, apartment complexes, or luxury homes, regardless of your credit or financial situation.

    Alan will also show you 5 crucial steps to success so that you can find all the private money you need:

    ✅ Build Credibility
    ✅ Generate Leads
    ✅ Secure Private Lenders
    ✅ Buy/ Sell Property
    ✅ Your Pay Day

    He will also be cover these main points!!!
    ✅ 5 Ways to Start Raising Money Now!!
    ✅ The top places to get Private Lenders
    ✅ Alan’s new Path To Wealth on key steps
    ✅ The legal do’s and don’ts FOR YOUR STATE

    You will see how to pre-screen your prospects and the “Magic” words to get them to commit. You will also see scripts you should use when talking to people you know.

    He will show you why these four commonly used types of financing can cripple your real estate business and how to stay away from them:

    ✅ Bank
    ✅ Line of credit
    ✅ Hard money lender
    ✅ Creative financing

    Once you get away from these types of financing you will have unlimited funds to do all your deals. You will be able to close on houses in a few days. You can have contingency money in case something comes up that you need to repair.

    And Alan will show you how to do deals with no monthly payments.

    You make all the rules in this system, so don’t miss Alan's Bootcamp where he will show you how to find private lenders, so you can kiss your competitors goodbye.

    We will start at 9:00 am for the training. Our meeting spot will be online as a virtual Bootcamp...

    Coaching Students get to attend for free.

    ✅Go Here To Register and Pay: 👇 https://arespublishing.infusionsoft.com/saleform/nathniuri

    👉 Price Will Go Up... Get The Early Bird Pricing Today!! 👈

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    Email: [masked]

  • Getting Started With Wholesaling 101

    Huntsville Marriott at the Space & Rocket Center

    🟢This Live Event Is FREE!!!!!

    Now, I will tell you, out of all the things Zack teaches this has to be my favorite.

    It will really open your mind to what you can do when you know how to look for the right markets to invest in and how to do it.

    Zack will be sharing with you guys how he has been WHOLESALING for 19 years All over the country.

    Those that know him, know that he doesn't just flip houses, buy cash flow assets, and wholesale locally but he is doing it in many other markets.

    He will share with you a simple and quick understanding of how you can start a wholesaling business right here in your backyard!!

    He will also teach you what are the key elements you have to have in place to be successful and how to stay safe doing it.

    He will also teach you how He made 100k on one wholesale deal! THIS IS A MUST-ATTEND!!

    5:30 pm registration and networking starts. We will start at 6:00 pm for the training. Our meeting spot will be at Marriott Space and Rocket Center Huntsville.

    I am excited to see everyone again!!!

    Looking forward to this class...!!

    Call us if you have questions:[masked]


    Investing Team At
    Madison County REIA

    🚦 Don't Forget About Our 1 Day Wholesaling Bootcamp coming up!!!
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    Check It Out Here: www.QuickStartWholesaling.com

    🟢Learn More About How To Get More Involved With The REIA!!🟢

    👉Just Go To 👉 www.JoinTheMcREIA.com 👈

  • MCREIA Christmas Toy drive Holiday Party

    Rocket Republic Brewing Co

    🎄🎄 It’s that time of year again... 🎅🤶

    The Madison County REIA will be having its Annual Christmas Party on December 3rd from 6-9 pm and it will be another Toy Drive!!! 🎄

    We are supporting the House of Harvest again this year...

    Come out and have fun and network with us and have drinks on us!!

    We will be having a vendor appreciation also lots of free stuff and we will be raffling off great prizes!!!

    This is going to be a great Christmas party!!!

    ⭐👉👉PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RSVP here on meet-up so we know you are coming!!!!

    Bring as many friends and family as you would like.. Just make sure they have a toy with them.. 🎅🤶

    Thank you so much for the support every year for the last 6 years!!!!

    Looking forward to another great turnout!!

    Zack Childress

  • [FREE] Beginners Class To Real Estate Investing

    Online event

    🟢👉Zoom Meeting Link https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcoc-ygqjgjHtL4NkoUYgjKXdAiYfAtb-vt

    Are You Looking To Learn How To Flip Houses But Don't Know Where To Start?

    Then This Bootcamp Is For You! You, Will, Learn What You Need to Know As A New Investor To Build A Foundation For Success!

    At This Beginners Bootcamp You Will Discover:
    -How To Flip Houses Without Using Your Money
    -Learn What All The Money Source Are Available To You
    -How To Get Your First Deal In 30 Days Or Less
    -What The 4 Imperative Goals You Need To Have
    -How To Set Up Multiple Streams Of Income As An Investor
    -Learn The 4 Different Tiers Of Investing
    -Learn What Contracts Are Needed For This Business
    -Learn How To Take Title And The Different Ways To Hold Title
    -Learn The 4 Main Ways To Close On A Property
    -How To Use Real Estate To Get Wealthy
    -What It Really Takes To Make It As An In.... and more!!!

    Learn From A "Real" Local Investor With Over 19 Years Of Investing Experience How You Can Start Flipping Houses Right Here In The Huntsville Alabama AREA!

    This is a Free Event For you to come out and learn how to get started in Real Estate Investing

    Thank you,

    Zack Childress
    Alabama REIA
    Madison County REIA

  • How To Invest In Foreclosures To Make Big Money!!

    Huntsville Marriott at the Space & Rocket Center

    👉👉This Meeting Is Going To Be Live!!!
    Location listed below:

    ⭐🟢There will be no door fee for this event!!

    If you invested in the last cycle when Foreclosure hit then you know it was a Gold Mine for us investors..

    Well, it is going to happen again and you can either say I was ready and took action or I wish I had learned more and took action!!

    This is the time to get your ducks in a row and learn how to go after
    - Mortgage Defaults
    - NOD
    -[masked] Day Lates
    - Pre-Foreclosures
    - Auctions
    - REO
    - Shorts Sales
    - Redemption Rights

    There is a Gold Mine of Profits when you learn how to invest correctly in the upcoming Foreclusre market...

    We are going to hold Free Class On November 5th "LIVE" for those of you that want to come out and learn!!!

    We will be practicing safe distance and masks!!

    But I think we can all say we need to get back to the learn and implementing new things in our business and most all NETWORKING!!!!

    It is one of the biggest parts of your business so Let's Get Back At It!!!

    Looking forward to this class...!!

    Call us if you have questions:[masked]


    Zack Childress
    President MCREIA

  • Full Day Bootcamp!! Setting Up A Local Wholesaling Business

    Huntsville Marriott at the Space & Rocket Center


    We have GREAT NEWS...

    Zack is going to put on a FULL day training where he will be teaching you from his 19 years of Wholesaling experience how to Set up a Local or Even Virtual Wholesaling Business.

    If you ever want to learn how to make Quick Cash from Real Estate then this is the class for you. Don't miss out on this class we are very lucky to have him teaching this because he has been wholesaling for 19 years all across the county.

    * He will share with you the 6 different ways to wholesale and the 4 main ones being used right now in today's market.
    * He will show you how to set up the business correctly in any market
    * What the legal side of the business you need to be aware of
    * What are the main clauses you have to have in your contracts for success
    * How to communicate with the seller so your "Intent" is clear
    * How to know if you have a deal to wholesale or not, so you don't luck like a newbie
    * What are the best market approaches for wholesale leads
    * How to do a deal in the first 7 days just like Bret did, who lives here in Huntsville because he followed Zack's system
    * Who you will need on your team and when you will need them
    * How we find the best markets to wholesale in
    * How to get the buyers for your deals every time within a few days
    * He will go over the paperwork with you so you have a clear understanding of how to move the deal forward.

    This is a lot of GREAT information that you are going to learn. This is why He is doing Full Day Training...

    He knows to teach you the right way he can't do it in 1 hour or even 2 hours it will just lead you in the wrong direction. So, we have talked him into taking a Saturday to just train us on this Quick Cash Strategy...

    You will need to bring something to write on, something to write with, a jacket or sweater, (he keeps it cold) and something to drink.

    Zack is known for not taken breaks so be prepared to go all day. You never know with him when he gets on a roll teaching he just doesn't stop.

    We are looking forward to seeing everyone at this Full Day Training.

    🟢Get Registered here: 👉 www.QuickStartWholesaling.com

    Come ready to learn and have fun!!

    This is a Full Day Bootcamp and the cost is $75.00 (RIGHT NOW! Price Will Go Up!!)

    If you are a Personal Coaching Student Then this is Free.

    🟢Get Registered here: 👉 www.QuickStartWholesaling.com

    If you have questions please call[masked] ask for Jamie.

    All 1 on 1 Coaching Students Get This Event For FREE!!!!

    See, you on Jan 15th!!!

  • How To Communicate Effectively And Negotiate With Ease!!

    Huntsville Marriott at the Space & Rocket Center

    👉📞Communication Is Key To Getting The Best Deals!!!!

    You can have all the leads in the world but if you don't know how to convert those leads into deals then you are just wasting time and money!

    Zack will be pulling up his sleeves for this one. With his 25+ years in the professional sales industry and training in the art of communication for the last 18 years, he is going to share some of the top strategies he has used over his 17+ years of investing to get the deals he wants and do it in a way that creates a win-win situation.

    ✅If you are not a student of communication then you are not learning the most important skill set there is to learn. You Need To Learn This.

    What you will learn at this training:
    ✅The 3 Step To Negotiating
    ✅ 10 Steps Process With Sellers
    ✅ The Secret To Getting The Deal
    ✅ How To Get The Seller To Tell You What The Owe
    ✅ How To Use Your Intent Statement To Be Clear
    ✅ 4 Ways To Stay In Control Of The Conversation
    ✅ How To Set Your Closing Appointment
    ✅ Building A Automated Follow Up Process
    ✅ Much Much More

    We will start at 6:00 pm.

    🚦 Don't Forget About Our 3 Day Bootcamp coming up!!!
    👉Learn How To Become A Local House Buyer!!! 👈
    -------------------------->>>> 👇 ------->> 👇 ----------->> 👇
    Check It Out Here: www.LocalHouseBuyerEvent.com

    See you soon!!!

    Zack Childress

  • 1 Day Bootcamp Investing In Foreclosures

    Huntsville Marriott at the Space & Rocket Center


    More Info Coming