• Start Investing Virtually with Wholesaling Or Any Investing Strategy!

    Embassy Suites by Hilton Huntsville Hotel & Spa

    Now, I will tell you, out of all the things Zack teaches this has to be my favorite. It will really open your mind to what you can do when you now how to look for the right markets to invest in and how to do it. Zack will be sharing with you guys how he has been WHOLESALING for 16 years All over the country. For those that know him know that he doesn't just flip houses and wholesale locally but he is doing it in many other markets. He will share with you how he is doing it in other markets with lots of success. He will also teach you what are the key elements you have to have in place to be successful and how to stay safe doing it. He will also teach you how He made 100k on one wholesale deal! THIS IS A MUST ATTEND!! 5:30 pm registration and networking starts. We will start at 6:00 pm for the training. Our meeting sport will be at Legends at 3508 Memorial Pkwy Huntsville AL 35801. For all Non-Active Members there will be a $20 door fee, Silver, Gold and Platinum Members attend for free.You can buy the membership at the door, ask for details.

  • Full Day Bootcamp!! Setting Up A Local Wholesaling Business

    We have GREAT NEWS... Zack is going to put on a FULL day training where he will be teaching you from his 16 years of Wholesaling experience how to Set up a Local or Even Virtual Wholesaling Business. If you ever want to learn how to make Quick Cash from Real Estate then this is the class for you. Don't miss out on this class we are very lucky to have him teaching this because he has been wholesaling for 16 years all across the county. * He will share with you the 6 different way to wholesale and the 4 main ones being used right now in today's market. * He will show you how to set up the business correctly in any market * What the legal side of the business you need to be aware of * What are the main clauses you have to have in your contracts for success * How to communicate with the seller so your "Intent" is clear * How to know if you have a deal to wholesale or not, so you don't luck like a newbie * What are the best market approaches for wholesale leads * How to do a deal in the first 7 days just like Bret did who lives here in Huntsville because he followed Zack's system * Who you will need on your team and when you will need them * How we find the best markets to wholesale in * How to get the buyers for your deals every time within a few days * He will go over the paperwork with you so you have a clear understand of how to move the deal forward. This is a lot of GREAT information that you are going to learn. This is why He is doing a Full Day Training.. He knows to teach you the right way he can't do it in 1 hour or even 2 hours it will just lead you in the wrong direction. So, we have talked him into taken a Saturday to just train us on this Quick Cash Strategy.. You will need to bring something to write on, something to write with, a jacket or sweater, (he keeps it cold) and something to drink. Zack is know for not taken breaks so be prepared to go all day. You never know with him when he gets on a roll teaching he just doesn't stop. Looking forward to seeing everyone at this Full Day Training. We will be setting up to training at the Legend and it will hold about 40 ppl comfortably. If we get more registers then that we will be moving it to a local hotel. This is a Full Day Bootcamp and the cost is $50.00 If you are a Gold, Platinum, or Group Coaching Member it is 1/2 price. Jill Stanfield VP Student Affairs Alabama REIA

  • Rehabbing Made Easy

    Legend Realty

    Are you ready to Learn How To Make six figures a year doing 4-5 deals a year? Then this is the training you want to be at. If you are looking to get into the Rehabbing business or also know as the Fix and Flip business then this is a training you want to see. Zack has been rehabbing house for over 14 years and has made several mistake a long the way. But that is what makes this class so valuable to you to come and learn from. Why you might ask, because he is still rehabbing to this very day in our local market and other great markets across the country. Zack can have 8-10 rehabbing projects going on at once and he has worked through the mistakes he has made to create a very smooth process that he call's his 1-2-3 process to Rehabbing Made Easy. You see some people will try rehabbing and give up after a few mistakes because they can't figure it out. This is because they are not willing to grow and get educated. Don't be that person get the understanding of how to build a Rehabbing business with success and have another stream of income coming into your business. Zack uses the rehabbing business to fund his long term hold strategy with cash flow properties. In other words he uses this strategy to fund his cash flow model. It's not hard to be successful at it when you really know how to do it and what has to be done to make it successful. We are looking forward to seeing you at this meeting. For all Non-Active Members there will be a $20 door fee, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Group Coaching Members attend for free.You can buy the membership at the door, ask for details.

  • Learn The B.R.R.R.R. Method!

    Legend Realty

    Have you ever wondered how some investor start with so little and build so fast? Well, if there was a secret to this model then this is it. Zack has been doing this method for years and was taught to him by one of his very first mentors back 15 years ago. This model worked back then and it still works today. If you ask any of the success full investors that have been doing this business longer then 10 years they will all tell you the same thing. This is a tested and proven strategy that will get you successful very fast. You just need to know how to get it all started and how to put the right team together for you success. Zack is going to share with you how he has done it for years and who he uses to get it done. He will be going over what he does to the property before he rents them out, How he get them rented quickly, What the lenders are looking for to get it refinanced and how to win big on your Cash On Cash Return when you do this strategy correctly. The real reason successful investor use this method is not for the cash out refinance it is for the leverage of the lender and how that will work in your favor when you look at your yearly return on investments. Doesn't matter if you are new or you have been trying to get this business started for a few years, you will want to see this training. For all Non-Active Members there will be a $20 door fee, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Group Coaching Members attend for free.You can buy the membership at the door, ask for details.