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ALFA Real Estate Investors Community is a club founded by investors for investors, from beginners to experienced and advanced individuals. We strongly believe that EDUCATION, NETWORKING, ACTION and PERSEVERANCE are the keys to success. Put your real estate passion into action and JOIN our meetings to experience for yourself the friendships and support you have available in the Northern Virginia Area.


Our Monthly Meetings are held on the 3rd Wedneday of each month at 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.


Come meet your fellow real estate investors and professionals. Whether, you're looking for prospective buyers, sellers, partners, clients, professionals to add to your POWER TEAM or if you just want to meet like-minded people to keep you motivated or give you support...you may quickly find that our family-like atmosphere is just what you're looking for! All Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Professionals, and EVERYONE interested in real estate are welcome!


JOIN our meetup group to get connected.

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How to Find and Analyze Deals! Finding the deal is the most important piece in Real Estate Investing. Without a deal, there is no business. How do you find it? It stuns me to hear that some investors can not find deals. I have repeatedly said and I will always preach this that, finding a good deal is not just sending a post card or a yellow paper mailings. It's more than that. Often times, newbie Investors watch TV shows and think that somehow their Fairy God Mother will drop the juicy deals from the sky. Remember, there is no Fairy God Mother in Real Estate Investing. As an Investor, I always think of creative ways to find deals. I will be going over my approach on how to find deals and more importantly how to analyze them. Join me to learn how to find that juicy deal & How to analyze it. We will provide leads to those who attend to our meeting. If you want to get started, we will help you. 1 lead per person! Invite family or friends to join us. Its always good get your family and friends learning Real Estate Investing as well. They may be a good partner to your investment. Note: We have shifted our meetings to Every 3rd Tuesdays of the month!

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Digital Closings and Settlements

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