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ALL Lives Matter! Even BLUE Lives.... What is even just ONE Human Life Worth?

OUR MISSION is to STOP the Unnecessary USE OF DEADLY FORCE currently employed by Law Enforcement Officers. STOP Police Brutality, Violence and Bullying of our Citizens. STOP the Militarization of our Police Forces. MAKE ALL Law Enforcement Officers ACCOUNTABLE for Their Actions! STOP the Abuse and Violation of Our Civil Rights by ROGUE Law Enforcement Officers and Eliminate the bullying "Bad Cops" and the "Blue Wall of Silence" that surrounds them.

We are dedicated to the Introduction of a Revised Style of Policing that will allow Law Enforcement to REGAIN THE TRUST AND RESPECT of the Communities they serve, while serving them more safely. We are actively engaging with Police Chiefs, Mayors, City Council Members and others of influence to gain their trust and cooperation as we strive to help them discover, learn and accept Best-Practice Methods of Policing into their Law Enforcement Communities.

We have started our journey here in Salt Lake City with the cooperation and encouragement of Mayor Ralph Becker and SLPD Police Chief Chris Burbank. We are already fielding inquiries from groups and individuals in other communities, and will be working with them to form local chapters across the USA. Once we have formulated, implemented and proven our plan here in Salt Lake City, then we will roll it out to many other communities across the country.

‘All Lives Matter!’ was founded and organized, and is managed by Concerned Victims of Police Brutality & Violence, their Families, and the Survivors of Victims of Excessive Use Of Deadly Force by the Police. Our Membership is also open to Concerned Members of the Law Enforcement Community and their Families and most importantly, to the many 'Everyday' CONCERNED CITIZENS of this great United States of America!

None of the leadership of our great cause ever thought they would be mistreated by Rogue Police Officers, let alone have their Lives Literally DESTROYED, or even ELIMINATED by them… (After all, they don’t arrest, beat up or shoot INNOCENT people, right???) If you think it can't happen to you, your parent, sibling, spouse, child or best friend, we Strongly Urge You to THINK AGAIN! We assure you that if Change in Policing Practice does NOT come quickly, it's just a matter of WHEN it will happen to someone that you know and love!

ALL Lives Matter! - Including Yours... Become Informed, Become Involved. We invite you to look around our Meetup.com site, learn more about our Meetup Group and our urgent cause and JOIN WITH US in Saving Lives in our communities. It costs nothing to join. Whether you wish to volunteer your time or simply observe, we welcome you as a member!

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