Mind, Body, Soul Energy Healing Experience


Have you every experienced the healing energy of Reiki? Why don't you give it a try? I am a master energy healer and offer healing sessions that include singing bowl therapy, aromatherapy, healing crystal therapy, aura cleansing with soothing music. The session lasts approximately 45 minutes with a brief talk after. This service costs $50 a session. This experience will relax and de-stress your body, mind and spirit, plus it has phenomenal healing benefits. It is the highest form of self-love there is, and you will begin your healing journey.

Reiki is a Japanese form of healing that is mentioned in the Bible through Jesus. It is the divine white light coming to you in a very protected and safe space. It is very gentle, and can do no harm. You will feel its soothing effects immediately and will continue to benefit your life through mind, body and spirit. I hope to meet you soon!

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