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AMG is a group of Metaphysical Seekers, who are in the verge of progressively seeking more information of the Spiritual and Metaphysical World in a very positive way. We are a Positive Spiritual Community of experts and those who are developing talents. We are learning ways to give the World a better understanding of the Spiritual concept and helping those who are trying to grasp this idea to achieve a harmonious balance with others and ourselves. This group consists of very talented and developing Psychic, Astrologers, Numerologist, Crystal Healer, Reiki Masters, Metaphysical Seekers, Healers, Spiritualist, Mediums, Curanderismo, Tarot Readers, Palmist and those who embrace this very powerful and valuable world. Not only will you have access to this talent but you will have readings, classes, lectures, practices, speeches, discussions, news, meditations, announcements, events, gatherings, community services and anything that our AMG members would like to talk about. The progression of this group is to gather and start a wave of positive knowledge that will help those who need help in ever level needed. Come and join us to laugh, learn and explore in this wonderful of Austin Metaphysical Group Meetup.

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Tator Card Class for Beginners at Austin Metaphysical Academy

AMA Headquarters


"Tarot Card Intensive Workshop" at AMA Headquarters, Austin, Texas, Starting March 20, 2019 This intensive workshop will show you the easiest way to read Tarot Cards. You will learn the meaning of each card, how to do a tarot card spread and how to work with your clients. Things you must bring: 1 set of Rider-Waite Tarot Cards, pen and paper for notes and an open mind. Day 1, March 20, 2019 from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Learn how to handle cards, and work with Major Cards, Day 2, March 27, 2019 from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Learn Minor Cards and Tarot Card spreads, Day 3, April 3,[masked] p.m. to 9:30 p.m. learn how to do a spread and the law of working with these cards. For More Information, go to www.meetup.com/AMAustin/ and signup today! www.austinmetaphysicalacademy.com, Register Today! $90.00 per student, for all 3 classes, to Enroll and to Register, get in contact with Ricardo Gonzales, [masked] or call him at[masked], accepts all forms of payments. Class taught at AMA Headquarters, 14214 Anita Marie Lane, ATX 78728 If you’ve taken Tarot Card Intensive in the past from AMA, your class tuition is FREE! Handbook cost is $10.00. #Tarot #Class #Metaphysical #Today # Teaching #Austin #Texas

Ricardo will be at San Marcos Metaphysical Fair, March 31, 2019

Holiday Inn San Marcos

Psychic Ricardo Gonzales, B. Msc. Will be a Psychic vendor at the, “San Marcos Metaphysical & Holistic Fair” Sunday, March 31,[masked] to 5 p.m., in San Marcos, Texas. Needing change but don’t know where to find it? Let me help along with your spirits and angels. Come out and have some fun at the “San Marcos Metaphysical & Holistic Fair”, Ricardo will be doing Psychic, Medium and Tarot Card Readings at this event. The fair is on Sunday, March 31, 2019, the location is at Holiday Inn, 105 Bintu Dr. San Marcos, Tx 78666 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. FREE Admission. FREE Parking. For more information go to www.heavenpathwaysearth.com If you want to learn more about Ricardo Gonzales, B. Msc. Go to www.findingyourlifepath.com Owner of Austin Metaphysical Academy, www.austinmetaphysicalacademy.com #Psychic #San #Marcos #Texas #Readings #Saturday #Ricardo #Sunday #March

Psychic Tuesday! Get a Psychic Reading Over the Phone at your home!

Getting a Psychic Reading on Tuesday by Ricardo Get a Psychic Reading on Tuesday! From the Comfort of your home! You are wondering how, Let me show you. It's easy. First of all, do you want to get a question(s) answered? Are you stuck in life and need help? Asking yourself, where do you go now? Are you looking for a life Coach? Can't make a decision and you need a different perspective or point of view? Psychic Ricardo Gonzales, B. Msc. has 24 year’s experience, as a Psychic. One Tuesday’s, you can get a Psychic Reading, Mediumship, Life Coach, Advise or just someone to listen to you. Yes, you can get a Phone Reading, by calling Ricardo at[masked] or send an email, [masked] to set an appointment. Let me show you how it works: • On Tuesday, the working hours are from 10 to 4 p.m. on Tuesday’s (Yes, Ricardo can work on other days, set the appointment, [masked]) • Call and setup a reading,[masked] or [masked] to setup an appointment. • Must provide Name, Email, phone number • $2.00 per minute • Accept PayPal, [masked] or Credit Card Number • Readings are on Tuesday’s (Can setup other days) • Get your question(s) or questions answered • Pay for service If you feel that you want to find out more about Ricardo, go his website, http://www.findingyourlifepath.com

Usui Reiki Level I for Certification Program at AMA – Spring 2019

Usui Reiki Level I for Certification Program at AMA – Spring 2019 Austin Metaphysical Academy has a Usui Reiki I Level Training program. This will be a 1 day program; you will learn the philosophy, understanding of how Usui Reiki works. Not only will you get the training but also a demonstration of hand positions. You will be mentored, shown, connect into healing vibrations of all levels of Usui Reiki. Once you have completed this 1 day class, you will be able to advance to Usui Reiki II. Class Reiki I, Class 1, Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 7 to 9:30 p.m., the following book must purchase the book, “The Reiki Manual”, ISBN:[masked], or it can be bought at first class for an additional $25.00 and you will also be provided a AMA Reiki Handbook. Tuition for the 1 day class is $65.00. To register, call Ricardo at[masked] or send him an email at [masked] you will receive a Reiki I Certificate, once class has been completed. Hosted by Austin Metaphysical Academy, www.austinmetaphysicalacademy.com #Reiki #Wednesday #Austin #Academy #Class Academy Note: Returning/Former Usui Reiki Student from AMA can get the class for FREE but will need to purchase updated AMA Reiki Handbook 2.1 for $15.00, must register, [masked]

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AMA Graduate, Rev. Juan Reyes will Speak at Frist Spiritulist Church

First Spiritualist Church

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