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The Boston Chapter Bicycle Committee offers a wide variety of rides to cyclists of all abilities in the greater Boston area and beyond. We have day rides, evening rides, weekend in the mountains or on the Vineyard rides, short rides, long rides, easy rides, advanced rides-something for almost every one.

We also get together socially after the rides or at the annual rally and offer workshops where all can learn to fix a flat, adjust the brakes and ride safely and responsibly.

Our purpose is to bring cyclists together in a friendly social atmosphere in which people can acquire new skills and enhance old ones. Our leaders are all volunteers who have mapped out routes on some of the area's most beautiful byways.

Most of our rides provide a lead and a sweep, as well as a cue sheet and/or map. We do our best to keep you on track as well as to keep you safe! Helmets are required on all our rides. We also group rides into easy, intermediate or advanced, so that you can ride with others at a similar pace.

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Special Programs and Events

Bicycle Repair Workshop (http://amcboston.org/bicycle/GettingToKnowUs.php#BRW)
Bicycle Rally (http://amcboston.org/bicycle/GettingToKnowUs.php#BR)
New Members Ride (http://amcboston.org/bicycle/GettingToKnowUs.php#NMR)
Leaders' Appreciation Dinner (http://amcboston.org/bicycle/GettingToKnowUs.php#LAD)

Our Rides

Tuesday Evening Easy/Intermediate Rides (http://amcboston.org/bicycle/GettingToKnowUs.php#Tuesday)
Thursday Evening Intermediate Rides (http://amcboston.org/bicycle/GettingToKnowUs.php#Thursday)
Weekend Rides (http://amcboston.org/bicycle/GettingToKnowUs.php#WeekendDay)
Weekend Trips (http://amcboston.org/bicycle/GettingToKnowUs.php#Overnight)
Winter Rides (http://amcboston.org/bicycle/GettingToKnowUs.php#Winter)
Our Leaders (http://amcboston.org/bicycle/GettingToKnowUs.php#)
Special FeaturesAMC Boston Bike Connections (http://amcboston.org/bicycle/GettingToKnowUs.php#BBC)
Bicycle Committee Meetings (http://amcboston.org/bicycle/GettingToKnowUs.php#Bikecom)

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This is an AMC Adventure Travel Trip, see more info in the trip brochure here: https://adventuretravel.outdoors.org/2022/2237.pdf. See info for how to sign up at the beginning of page 10.

Time travels slower on San Juan islands. Leave the watch behind, turn off the phone, keep the camera, drain the stress, & come soak in magical beauty of the Pacific Northwest: Seattle, San Juan islands, & Victoria. We will treat ourselves to abundant doses of ocean views, mountains, bakeries, ferry rides, chocolate, country roads, & friendly company.

Our itinerary will take us between Seattle, San Juan Islands, & Victoria. Bicycles will take us along scenic coastal routes in search of migrating orcas, until we find the next bakery, lighthouse, or beach. Ferries will be the main transport between destinations almost daily. We will get a real sense of the local culture, maritime history, & US/Canadian relationships. Some optional activities include the Royal BC Museum, Cragdarroch Castle, Whaling Museum, San Juan Island National Historical Park, & Space Needle.

Breakfast and dinner are included for the entire trip, not including travel days, starting with breakfast on Saturday 10 September through Dinner on Saturday 17 September 2022. Participants will pay for lunches. Participants will be responsible for their own bicycle arrangement, either by bringing their own, or by renting from an outfitter.

The leaders will facilitate bike renting, including the renting of E-Bikes by referring participants to the outfitters. Participants are also expected to be able to perform minor repairs on their bike themselves (flats, adjustments, etc).

Bicycle 35-50 miles with 1,500-3,000ft elevation daily. Previous group bicycle experience, at the intermediate level or higher is required. Several of the days are long and strenuous. This can be mitigated if participants rent E-bikes.

AMC Trip Listing at:https://activities.outdoors.org/search/index.cfm/action/details/id/122416

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