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Annual Mystical Day: Our Connection to the Cosmos

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JOIN US with an astronomer from the Planetary Society and a NASA astrophysicist in a fusion of Science and Mystical Philosophy!

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Morning Session
Our Cosmological Connections through Natural & Spiritual Laws.
Larry Anthenian - Astronomer / Rosicrucian
We now know that most stars within our galaxy have at least one or more planets and that many exist within the zone where life as we know it can evolve. The possibilities are endless. In this presentation we will review the natural and spiritual laws that govern our universe and discover that all matter cannot be separated. We are all ONE and are part of the very fabric and essence of an ever-evolving, pulsating form of universal consciousness. Larry Anthenian is a long time member of the Rosicrucian Order, who worked as an assistant to James C. French, the late Curator of the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. Mr. Anthenian majored in the field of physical sciences and has a passion for understanding the cosmos and our connection among the stars. Now retired, he continues to share his knowledge of the universe through lecturing and celestial viewing. Mr Anthenian is currently an active and supporting member of the The Planetary Society, that works jointly with NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on space missions.

Afternoon Session
Will Humanity Become an Interstellar Species?
Alan Holt - Astrophysicist / Rosicrucian
It would seem that humanity is a long way from achieving interstellar transport capability, yet we may be much closer than anyone will admit. We appear to be visited by other species from planets of other star systems. They appear to cross great distances of space-time by using hyperspace short cuts or higher dimensions. To “qualify” as an interstellar species, humanity will necessarily have to advance in our level of Consciousness. The Dawn of a New Day is ahead of us – and we may someday soon become the “visitors”.

Alan Holt has had a lifelong interest in astronomy/ astrophysics, space travel (advanced physics and technology), and the destiny paths of human and other civilizations. He recently retired from NASA after 50 plus years of service, which included supporting the Apollo lunar missions, Skylab, Space Shuttle, Spacelab and the International Space Station. Mr. Holt has been actively involved in research related to encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena and in Rosicrucian / Metaphysical studies for the past 49 years.


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