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APAC Blockchain Group aims to create and nurture a community of people who are passionate about blockchain technology, cryptography and cryptocurrency. From university students to technology professionals, we are eager to generate discussions in light of blockchain’s applications and impact across all industries in Hong Kong and APAC region. We strongly believe that, through discussion and public engagement regarding to the usage of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platforms, we can encourage more public interest & understanding of the technology and develop new ideas to prepare our city for a new paradigm shift.

Our Meetups are a source for everything Blockchain technology and crypto: News, Trends, Introducing startup projects, VC info, their future outlooks and connecting those in the space.

Topics could be like: Why does Bitcoin has value? Can it go to zero? How to start a digital wallets? How to invest in ICO 's? Is Bitcoin a digital currency or storage of value like gold? What are the other coins and how are they different? How to tell the ICO's? What is a coin exchange? Finding the next alternate coins and or start ICO?
Any topic is fine and just keep an open mind and willing to share.

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