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Build your First Mobile App in One Day!

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Build your First Mobile App in One Day with HTML5, jQuery, PhoneGap & Usergrid - Chicago!

Join us for a free one-day training course to learn everything you need to know to build your first mobile app — with HTML5 + PhoneGap + jQuery + Usergrid!

More info & RSVP at (

As taken by over 3,000 people in San Francisco, New York, Austin, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Seattle and more! The classes are completely free (and all the software & services we’ll be using are too — most of them are even open-source)

This class will teach you everything you need to build a mobile app for iOS or Android – as well as Windows Phone, Blackberry or a mobile browser. In addition to reviewing important mobile features of HTML5 and Javascript, you will also learn how to use a mobile UI framework (jQuery Mobile), how to add app features with a Backend-as-a-Service (open-source Usergrid) and how to deploy your app to devices natively using PhoneGap. By the end of the workshop, we will have built a fully-featured app, ready for release on the app store, without having written a single line of server-side code!

* A laptop: minimum OS requirements are Mac OS X[masked], Windows XP, or any linux that supports JDK6
* Basic understanding of HTML & CSS and some programming experience (ideally in JavaScript and jQuery, but not necessarily): it may be useful for you to go through the following Codecademy lessons to brush up before you attend: classes 1–3 of the Web course, classes 1–6 of the JavaScript course and classes 1–5 of the jQuery course.
* A working install of PhoneGap/Cordova. Please download PhoneGap and complete the “Platform Guide” for your preferred platform (iOS, Android, etc.) ahead of the class.

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