• Effect of Microservices on API Design ⚙ Al Tsang, LunchBadger (+beer & snacks)

    API Crafters,

    Don't miss this presentation from Albert Tsang, co-founder & CTO of StrongLoop, and now Founder & CEO of LunchBadger.

    Al is a true thought leader in microservices architecture and API design. In this talk, we'll learn how recent changes in architectural styles have changed the landscape of API Design:

    • New challenges emerging from then need to reconcile competing design goals: internal, low-level microservices need isolation & focus, while client-facing APIs need to aggregate meaningful business data and processes.

    • Strategies for organizing and partitioning fine-grained microservice APIs across different dimensions

    • Optimizing deployment from consumption patterns

    • Building APIs for engagement from granular microservices

    • Applying CQRS, orchestration, mashup, containerization, and other modern design patterns to solve these problems.

    Speaker Bio:
    Al is the CEO and Founder at LunchBadger (http://LunchBadger.com). He previously co-founded StrongLoop (http://StrongLoop.com) and as CTO, he led the company to a successful acquisition by IBM in 2015. He is also the creator of LoopBack (http://LoopBack.io), a leading open source Node.js framework for enterprise APIs.

    6:30 - 7:00 Informal networking, beer, wine & snacks
    7:00 - 7:30 Quick intros & announcements, lightning talks:
    • OpenAPI 3.0 - The Good Parts ⚙ Ted Epstein, RepreZen
    • Overview of XO's Distributed System Architecture ⚙ Tim Blonski, XO Group
    7:30 - 8:15 Guest presentation including Q&A
    8:15 - 8:30 Wrap-up, informal mingling & follow-up conversations.

  • Data APIs as a Foundation for Enterprise Systems of Engagement

    NOTE: This meeting is cross-posted from the New York City PostgreSQL User Group (https://www.meetup.com/postgresql-3/events/239650805/). Please RSVP there.

    Databases like PostgreSQL, Oracle and MS SQL are the foundation of today's enterprise systems. They support mission critical business processes and transactions. They are the stores of record. But many feel that data just sleeps in databases. It remains siloed and hidden from people and tasks outside of the original application scope such as web and mobile applications, data science or even changes business workflows.

    In today's talk we will explore the idea of Resource Oriented Architecture ("ROA") and learn how to employ REST APIs to provide unobstructed access to your data assets. We will contrast this with ETL/Data Warehousing and Service Oriented Architecture. We will also show a practical example of building a REST API to a PostgreSQL database using SlashDB, a leading implementation of ROA, which is freely available for developers today.

    Speaker: Victor Olex is a founder and CEO of SlashDB, an automated REST API gateway to databases. He is a pioneer of Resource Oriented Architecture, a new approach to data integration, in which database content becomes discoverable and easily accessible in full context and under standard data formats. Mr. Olex has over 20 years of experience as a technology architect and software engineering consultant in the financial industry including organizations such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan, Commerzbank as well as number of hedge funds. Native of Poland, and an immigrant to the U.S., where he lives with his wife. He believes that above all motivation is the key to success.

  • HPE Haven OnDemand applied machine-learning APIs ⚙ w/ Tyler Nappy

    Hi all!

    We are back again for this month of August for an other NYC API Craft Edition.

    For this edition we are inviting Tyler Nappy (@tylernappy (https://twitter.com/tylernappy)) who is Developer Evangelist at HPE's Haven On Demand (https://www.havenondemand.com/). I was impressed by the number of API's that they are providing, managing and documenting really well. It will take more than a day to try them all (https://dev.havenondemand.com/apis).

    Tyler will talk about his journey as a Developer evangelist and share with us his point of view on the future of Machine learning APIs.

    Spoiler Alert: You will be impressed by the Demos

    Important note:

    As usual, this meetup is applying the No Pizza Policy, it means that for refreshments we will have fine food and nice wine 🍷 ;)

    Thanks to XO Groupe (http://xogroupinc.com/) for hosting us!

    See you all there! And don't forget forget to RSVP

    - Shubham, Dmitri and Ted, Co-Organizers
    API-Craft NYC

  • API-Craft NYC Meetup Reloaded w/ Twitter & Mailjet

    Hi everyone!

    We are really happy to announce this meetup event, marking the revival of API-Craft NYC!

    To kick this off, we are happy to have Jon Bulava (@jbulava (http://bit.ly/29RQtYH)) from Twitter and Shubham Sharma (@shub_s (http://bit.ly/29GU0G0)) from Mailjet. This meetup will be All things Developer Experience (DX) with APIs.

    It is useless to have powerful API, if it is not easy to use. For an application developer, there is nothing worse than having to comb through documentation for hours, just to perform one task with your API. The speakers are going to share what they have learned about developer experience and APIs.


    6:30 - 7:00 PM Networking and Refreshments

    7:00 - 7:30 PM Speaker #1, Jon Bulava, Editor-in-Chie­f, Developer Relations @ Twitter

    7:30 - 8:00 PM Speaker #2, Shubham Sharma, Developer Evangelist @ Mailjet

    Important note:

    Oh btw, this meetup has now a No Pizza Policy, it means that for refreshments we will have fine food and nice wine 🍷 ;)

    Thanks to the Grind (http://www.grindspaces.com/) for hosting us!

    See you all there!

    - Shubham, Dmitri and Ted, Co-Organizers
    API-Craft NYC

  • Swagger with SmartBear CTO, Ole Lensmar

    XO Group Inc

    Hi all!

    We have a great topic and speaker this month! Ole Lensmar (http://smartbear.com/speakers/ole-lensmar/), CTO and co-founder from SmartBear (http://smartbear.com/) will join us to talk about Swagger (http://swagger.io/). SmartBear recently assumed ownership of Swagger, and Ole will give us his view of Swagger's present and future evolution, the role of Swagger in the API lifecycle, and other timely topics.

    Swagger (http://swagger.io/) is a simple yet powerful representation of your RESTful API. With the largest ecosystem of API tooling on the planet, thousands of developers are supporting Swagger in almost every modern programming language and deployment environment. With a Swagger-enabled API, you get interactive documentation, client SDK generation and discoverability.

    "We created Swagger to help fulfill the promise of APIs. Swagger helps companies like Apigee, Getty Images, Intuit, LivingSocial, McKesson, Microsoft, Morningstar, and PayPal build the best possible services with RESTful APIs."


    Ole Lensmar (http://smartbear.com/speakers/ole-lensmar/) is CTO, Chief Architect and co-founder of SmartBear Software in Sweden, formerly the maker of SoapUI, Eviware Software, acquired by SmartBear in 2011. He also co-founded base8, an XML oriented consulting company in 1996, acquired by the publicly traded Mogul in 1998. Ole worked as CTO, product owner and lead evangelist for Mogul’s software portfolio, including an XML based CMS and a high performance search engine. Living his passion for software development, he writes a weekly column for Network World about software quality and blogs in general about coding, quality and all other fun things in life.


    This meetup will be hosted by XO Group Inc (http://www.xogroupinc.com/xo-group-company.aspx). Please bring your photo ID and enter in the 24th floor.

    Pizza and beer will be served.

    Hope to see you all there!

  • Building Interoperable Microservices with RepreZen API Studio

    Ted Epstein from ModelSolv introduces RepreZen API Studio, a new API design workbench built for enterprise integration. http://reprezen.com

    Join us to learn about microservices architecture, an increasingly popular architectural style embraced by Netflix, Groupon and Gilt, which decomposes a monolithic service layer into single-purpose services. We'll see how to build microservice APIs for faster evolution and scale in the enterprise, while addressing the challenges of interoperability in an increasingly fragmented service landscape.


    6:30 - Networking with refreshments provided by XO Group

    7:00 - Presentation


    Session Abstract

    Microservices architecture is an emerging pattern for distributed applications, built around small, single-purpose services. Developers and devops evolve, deploy, manage and scale each microservice independently, promising greater agility and computing resource efficiency.

    But this is not SOA, with its emphasis on centralization and reuse. This is a new component model where microservices are components of an individual application, and REST APIs are the component-level protocol.

    With more organizations adopting microservices architecture, expect a lot of new APIs, most of them designed for a single application.

    So, is there any hope for interoperability? Any chance of reuse and standardization beyond the application boundary?

    In this fast-paced, hands-on session, we'll show how development teams and IT communities can self-organize, using shared, adaptable data models across microservice APIs. We'll introduce RepreZen API Studio (http://get.reprezen.com), a new design environment that enables pragmatic data model reuse and team collaboration. And we'll show how these improvements to API interoperability make life easier for client developers and reduce long-term integration cost.


    Ted Epstein is Founder & CEO of ModelSolv (http://modelsolv.com/), providing innovative solutions in enterprise API design and data integration. Ted co-organizes the API-Craft NYC (http://apicraftnyc.com/) Meetup and speaks at conferences including QCon, EclipseCon, API-Craft, and Data Modeling Zone.

  • API Documentation with Apiary & API Blueprint w/ Jason Sherman from TheKnot.com

    Need a slick way to document your REST APIs? Want to find common ground between your api team and client teams? Jason M Sherman from TheKnot.com will be reviewing the open source standard API Blueprint to document your APIs. In addition we will look into Apiary.io, a commercial SAAS solution that builds on top of API Blueprint and adds more bells and whistles to the concept of API documentation and standardization.

    APIBlueprint.org (http://apiblueprint.org/) is an open source standard for documenting your APIs. It builds on documentation markdown with additional tooling for your APIs.

    Apiary.io (http://apiary.io/) is a freemium solution for collaborative design, instant API mock, generated documentation, integrated code samples, debugging and automated testing for APIs.

    Jason M. Sherman (https://twitter.com/jsonsherman) is the Director of Engineering at XO Group Inc. (http://tech.xogroupinc.com/) (TheKnot.com, TheBump.com). He has over 15 years of development experience in web based systems and is the founder of API Craft NYC. He also doesn't like speaking in the 3rd person.

    Hope to see you all there!

  • Daniel Doubrovkine of Artsy: Designing a Hypermedia API with Grape/Roar

    What should your new green field RESTful API look like? In this talk we'll live code a small API using Grape and Roar and presenting data with HAL + JSON, based on the experience of designing and developing the Artsy public API (http://developers.artsy.net). We'll explore various interesting aspects of a typical API, including why to use Hypermedia, or how to partition and permission data for access by various user roles.

    Grape allows you to build lightweight APIs with Ruby when you don't need the heavy lifting power of large frameworks like Rails.


    About Daniel:

    Daniel Doubrovkine (aka dB.) is Head of Engineering at Artsy in New York and an open-source cheerleader. He maintains multiple popular projects, including Grape and Hashie. In his past life, Daniel founded and sold a start-up in the early 90s and completely failed another. He was development lead at Microsoft., Director at KP Visible Path, Architect and Dev Manager at AppSecInc and more.

  • Frank Greco: Design APIs with WebSocket

    XO Group Inc

    Frank Greco, Director of Technology at Kaazing, joins as the guest presenter for our September meetup.

    In July, Todd Montgomery gave us a insightful technical overview of WebSocket and related messaging protocols. Frank brings this into practice with some real-world guidance for building robust APIs with WebSocket.

    Session Abstract

    WebSocket and event-based systems are part of a natural evolution of the Web, especially for the "hidden", programmatic web. We'll take a step back and look at current trends relating to event-based, reactive systems and why WebSocket is important as a component of those trends. I will also relay some anecdotal information on synchronous vs asynchronous distributed computing and why history will repeat itself yet again. I'll show some WebSocket code and illustrate some high-performance, web-based publish/subscribe demonstrations.

    Speaker Bio:

    Frank D. Greco is the Director of Technology for Kaazing Corporation. He is responsible for the Kaazing cloud computing strategy and guiding customers with new technology approaches that leverage the value of extending application protocols over the web and how the new web communications stack is a key component. Frank has extensive experience in IT projects for over 15 years and has worked on global architecture, grid/cloud computing, innovative user interfaces and mobile computing. Frank has been named by Sun/Oracle a "Java Champion" for many years and chairs the NYJavaSIG (largest Java User Group in North America) and the NYHTML5 User Groups.

  • Todd Montgomery: Evolving REST for an IoT World (Websockets)

    Todd Montgomery, Ex-NASA researcher and now Chief Architect at Kaazing (http://kaazing.com/), presents Evolving REST for an IoT World.

    WebSocket is not just an interesting part of HTML5 for browsers. It opens up a brand new world for API developers that is just waiting to be leveraged. Instead of just request-reply, we have a set of all new interaction patterns that can be supported scaleably and compatibly. The Internet of Things is bringing with it more technical demand and more opportunity than we have ever seen.

    The evolution of web APIs will need to keep pace. And WebSocket is poised to play a major role in helping REST evolve into this new world. In this session, we will: explore what the addition of WebSocket can do to the REST paradigm, see how Reactive Programming can be leveraged for making the tough stuff a lot easier than you think, and explore how event-driven architecture and loose coupling can be game changing for the emerging IoT world.

    Todd is a networking hacker who has researched, designed, and built numerous protocols, messaging-oriented middleware systems, and real-time data systems, done research for NASA, contributed to the IETF and IEEE, and co-founded two startups. He currently works for Kaazing as Chief Architect. @toddlmontgomery

    This event will be hosted by XO Group Inc (http://tech.xogroupinc.com). Drinks and pizza will be served.

    Please enter on the 24th floor and follow the signs to the cafe area.