• We are Locals - Blockchain based sociology

    Born in Antwerpen - Harbour of creativity

    On our previous meetup on blockchain we highlighted the technical aspects of creating decentralised apps. In this meetup we will talk about the social implications and new possibilities this technology enables. Come and learn about how blockchain-technology will facilitate self-organising communities, organisations and economies without the use of central authorities. We will talk about the past, the present and the future of blockchain-based applications and decentralised systems, with a special highlight on the decentralised initiative Locals ( http://locals.world (http://locals.world/)) ———————————————— Kristien De Wachter will be talking about the evolution of social tech and the rise of blockchain. Michael Thuy and Stefaan Ponnet will be talking in detail about Locals, the present prototype and the future plans. ———————————————— This meetup will be in English.

  • Locals Foundation: token holder meetup

    Born in Antwerpen - Harbour of creativity

    (Deze meetup is speciaal voor de Local Foundation token holders.) We nodigen iedereen uit die de voorbije maanden interesse heeft getoond in het Locals project en samen mee toekomst wil maken. Hier zal de werking van de Locals Foundation besproken worden en het allerbelangrijkst, jullie kunnen elkaar leren kennen en aftoetsen waarom we allemaal dit project ondersteunen. Op dit evenement zullen Foundation members hun tokens krijgen. We helpen je om stap voor stap een wallet aan te maken en jouw tokens daarin veilig te bewaren. Mensen die nog niet betrokken zijn bij Locals zijn ook welkom om een kijkje te komen nemen.

  • Interacting with the Ethereum Blockchain

    Born in Antwerpen - Harbour of creativity

    API Craftsmanship goes decentralized ! The new paradigm of decentralized applications (dApps) and value transfer on the blockchain is becoming very popular. Using a set of interfaces and client libraries we can now interact with a blockchain to create a decentralized record of transactions. Everyone can participate or create new ecosystems where value is transferred just as easy as information has been transferred for years on the internet. This meetup will get you up to speed on the concepts of Dapps and is targeted to all Blockchain enthousiasts. Doors: 18h30 - start: 19h00 Agenda Internet of value: why should I care about it? → duration : 20’ ; Gerrie Smits, blockchain specialist Ethereum : the blockchain solution for smart contracts A short introduction on the concepts of this new blockchain solution and the possibilities and opportunities to create applications on the blockchain. → duration : 20 ; (open for participation) Ingredients for creating Dapps Decentralized apps - apps that have no central server structure serving them. In this talk we will take a look at the concepts and the tools to get started with your first Dapp. we will talk about Web3 , blockchain explorer, Geth , Polymer and IPFS. → duration : 30’ ; by Stefaan Ponnet - blockchain entrepreneur Smart contracts on Ethereum: Leeloo’s Allowance We all want our kids to understand the real value of money and develop good financial habits and pocket money’s a great way to do this. As a student you are possibly still receiving pocket money from your parents at this very moment. We will describe a use case of a smart contract as a flexible, transparent way for providing weekly pocket money. → duration : 30’ ; Michael Thuy, innovation manager A-Labs, city of Antwerp Drinks, smokes and chit-chat. keywords : Blockchain , Ethereum, generic APIs, RPC-JSON

  • API's that rock

    Cronos - meeting room Mercator

  • Api craftsmanship kick-off!

    Digipolis Antwerpen

    Our first gathering with the most enthousiastic API craftsmen to learn and discuss the technologies and techniques to introduce, use and improve API usage. Agenda : 19h00 Grab a slice of pizza and a drink. 19h30 Introduction and welcome Business Ecosystems are booming, and APIs are the fuel Clean APIs are more than just a nice way of connecting software. They are transforming the way businesses collaborate and compete; and they have a disruptive impact on the role of IT departments within companies. My ideas and a case study. → 30’ by Stijn Decneut - Nascom & iLean Api-First development. Motivation, benefits and an example using Swagger What is API-First development, why does this matter, how can you introduce this in your own company and what are the techniques to get started ? → 30’ by Stefaan Ponnet - Digipolis API Management systems, the good, the bad and the ugly Ok, you have an API in mind, design looks good and you’re almost ready to get started. Should I start from scratch or do I take some time to look at an API Management system. Will it help me or is it like ESB-vendor-tool-pushing all over again? → 30’ by Erik Lenaerts - E2 Partners 21h00 : drinks & chit chat. We hope to welcome all our API enthousiast in our first meetup ! Stefaan , Stijn , Erik.