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So we organised our first Meetup "Talk about APIs and JSON and RESTful and Hypermedia" on Wednesday the 29th of January. We were really happy with the turnout and feedback and so comes...The Wonderful World of API's.


1. Richard Cantwell - OpenStreetMap is the Wikipedia of maps. OSM allows you to do all sorts of things that you can't do with a Google map, like download data. And there's an API for that. Richard will be brave and do a live demo of the very wonderful Overpass API.

2. Kevin O’Shaughnessy - 3scale, review of and Mulesoft.

3. Parsa Ghaffari - Text Analysis with the help of Machine Learning.

4. Aaron Hedges - Aaron will discuss the Vimeo API, starting from nothing and working up to super simple uploading. In addition he will talk about some of the design decisions we made along the way.

5. Ruairí Browne - Ruairi is a web devleoper with 15 years' experience and is currently studying for a Masters in Technology & Learning in Trinity College. Lately Ruairi is very taken with RESTful API's and is working full time as a Microsoft .NET Web API developer for Ruairi will do a demo of how to test GET, PUT, POST and DELETE requests on your API using the Postman App for Google Chrome.

Complimentary pizza and beer after the speakers :)