What we're about

Purpose of the Group


This meet-up group focusses on all learning elements for professionals at various levels. Regular sessions will be planned to provide a safe learning space for all APIans without any judgements. There is no restriction or limitation on the topic for learning.

We all quite agree that when we start to learn something new, the motivation to continue the same drops after sometime. We always learn better when we have a fellow learner along, we crave for interaction. In this group feel free to suggest meet-up topics and discussion points. Meeting people from same industry and talking to them opens up a new perspective towards many things, with that in mind please use this group to catch up with fellow APIans and learn something from each other.

This group is completely free and we encourage anybody who is willing to share information with wider group can come forward to join us in presentation of topics. The main motive is to build the safe community for learning.

Learning Path
The APIans group aims to help learners at all levels, we will be hosting sessions regularly regarding software testing, development and processes .

Our Aim

  • Provide safe learning environment for all our members
  • No judgements about anybody's capabilities, we are all learners
  • Enable each other to reach higher goals (no competition)
  • Absolutely no sales

Past events (5)

Sustainable Test Automation strategy

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Mastering Test Automation's most complex web scenarios!

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API Developer-101

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