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AmateurPianistsis a 501(c)(3) non-profit and the largest meetup group for pianists in the US. It was founded in 2011 by Glenn Kramer to provide performance opportunities for amateur pianists of all professions and backgrounds. Since its formation, membership has grown to include both pianists and non-pianists, people who love piano music or perhaps would be interested in attending their first ever piano performance. Our performances are FREE to the audience and are held at various venues—from recital halls and libraries, to churches and private homes. AmateurPianists also provides educational opportunities, such as masterclasses and lectures on performance practice, the history of classical music, and much more, including the San Diego International Piano Competition and Festival for Outstanding Amateurs (https://AmateurPianists.org/compfestinfo).

We believe that piano music should be enjoyable and accessible to everyone, and AmateurPianists serves to facilitate this vision by connecting pianists with audiences.

Membership is free, so join us!

Board of Directors:Chair - Lulu Hsu, Yang Shen, Glenn Kramer, Songqing Wen, Connie Almond, Keith Weibrecht, Sonya Schumann

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2022 - Summer Recital

Needs a location

We currently have ~83 minutes for this month's program. If you're an amateur pianist and want to perform with us, please consider joining us for our September recital (we have monthly recitals).

AmateurPianists is back, after the first ever "dark" month in July after a very hectic year preparing for the 2022 June Competition & Festival!

We are ready to continue on with our Summer Recital!

Bring out your best pieces, a well-loved classic or something from a little-known composer, of any genre - western "classical" music, jazz, afro-best, asian, latin - to celebrate and share piano music. You can also play with a friend, on a second piano or another instrument. We would love to hear a variety of music!

This Summer Recital is FREE and open to everyone to attend which is one of the core tenets of AmateurPianists - access to piano music. To attend, please RSVP to this meetup or at our website: www.AmateurPianists.org

To register to play, please click on this link: https://www.amateurpianists.org/performance-request
You will be asked to enter your full name(s), the name of your piece, composer and approximate duration. We thank you most gratefully for your performance donation of $20.00. (For 2 musicians or more, it is $10 per person.) Registration deadline for performing is August 10.

AmateurPianists is a 501c3 non-profit and depends on donations for its continued operation. To donate, please go to www.AmateurPianists.org Thank you!


Fall Recital

Needs a location

We are excited to host our Fall Recital at Greene Music on September 17 at 3:00 PM! This recital is FREE to the audience so bring a friend or the entire family! One of the major tenets of AmateurPianists is to share our love of piano music and to make our events accessible to all in San Diego.

Performers: We welcome pianists at all levels to register and perform for an appreciative and supportive audience on a Yamaha concert grand! To register to play, please click on this link. https://www.amateurpianists.org/performance-request

We ask performers to donate $20 to help AmateurPianists to help us cover our on-going costs. THANK YOU in advance!

Audience: To attend in person, please RSVP "yes". We truly appreciate your RSVP as that notifies us as to how many people to expect.

AmateurPianists depends 100% on donations and we gratefully accept any and all donations. To donate, please go to our website www.AmateurPianists.org. Thank you!

Duets and More

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It's time to share the stage with another musician - singer, violinist, cellist, guitarist, drummer, brass player, even another pianist! (Of course, solo pianists are also welcome but priority will be given to ensembles.)
You can play any genre of music as the purpose is to have fun with other musicians and enjoy great music!

To register to play, please sign up at https://www.amateurpianists.org/performance-request with the name of your piece, composer and duration, as well as the name of your fellow musician(s).

Note: we ask for a donation of $20 for a solo performer or $10 per performer for groups of 2 or more. Thank you for supporting AmateurPianists!

Registration is open until November 10, end of day, so sign up early. We can't wait to hear you all performer! Don't forget to invite your friends!

Sonya Schumann
Chair, AmateurPianists

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