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AmateurPianists (https://AmateurPianists.org) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and the largest meetup group for pianists in the US. It was founded in 2011 by Glenn Kramer to provide performance opportunities for amateur pianists of all professions and backgrounds. Since its formation, membership has grown to include both pianists and non-pianists, people who love piano music or perhaps would be interested in attending their first ever piano performance. Our performances are FREE to the audience and are held at various venues—from recital halls and libraries, to churches and private homes. AmateurPianists also provides educational opportunities, such as masterclasses and lectures on performance practice, the history of classical music, and much more, including the San Diego International Piano Competition and Festival for Outstanding Amateurs (https://AmateurPianists.org/compfestinfo).

We believe that piano music should be enjoyable and accessible to everyone, and AmateurPianists serves to facilitate this vision by connecting pianists with audiences.

Membership is free, so join us!

Board of Directors: Chair - Lulu Hsu, Yang Shen, Glenn Kramer, Songqing Wen, Connie Almond, Keith Weibrecht

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Benefit Concert - Marie-Agathe Charpagne

Needs a location

AmateurPianists is pleased to announce an amazing concert experience. Marie-Agathe Charpagne, the 2nd prize winner of the 2019 International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs, will return to San Diego to play at this special fund-raising event! Marie is not only an incredible pianist with astounding technical capabilities that brings forth nuanced musical colors, she also holds a PhD in Materials Science and will be starting as an assistant professor at the University of Illinois this upcoming fall.

Marie grew up in France where she excelled in both piano and science, studying at the Conservatory of Music while pursuing her scientific studies at the Mines ParisTech engineering school. She exemplifies the left/right brain persona which is so wonderful to behold, whether you are having a conversation with her on high-temperature oxidation-resistant coatings for superalloys or the chord progressions that characterizes Debussy or Rachmaninoff!

There will be 2 types of tickets to this concert. A limited number of tickets will be available for an in-person, live experience at a beautiful, private home in La Jolla. This includes a meet-the-artist reception after the concert. (Fully vaccinated folks are welcome to attend along with those with negative Covid test results in the week prior.) The event will also be live-streamed and tickets for watching the virtual concert are also available for those who prefer to stay home or are in locations outside of San Diego.

For tickets to either in-person concert OR virtual concert, please use this link. https://www.amateurpianists.org/event-info/marie-agathe-benefit-concert

All proceeds of this concert will go toward the 2022 International Piano Competition and Festival for Outstanding Pianists which will be held from June 24-26, 2022 at The Conrad in La Jolla, California.

As you click on the link to get your ticket, please consider additional donations - AmateurPianists is 100% dependent on donations to support our efforts in providing performance opportunities for the adult pianist.

Thank you.

AP - Summer Recital (hybrid)

Greene Music

Are you ready for in-person, live piano music? Are you ready to return to listen to piano music with a small group of people?

It's time for another recital, our Summer Recital! As we enjoy the warm weather and the gradual return to social interactions in San Diego, we are pleased to announce a hybrid recital, FREE to audiences from anywhere in the US and the rest of the world via live streaming on our Facebook page and FREE to those who will attend in person!

We are looking forward to LIVE APPLAUSE in support of the adult pianists who will sign up to play, having labored long and hard on their music in preparation. Come share their passion and enjoy the range of musical works that span centuries, countries and cultures.

Note: Audience size will be subject to San Diego health code requirements for indoor events including vaccination and testing. In addition, we also need to abide by Greene Music's policy for using their auditorium.

Performers: To register to play, please email us at [masked] with your name, the name of the piece, composer and approximate duration. After over a year of pandemic restrictions, we are looking at slowly returning to fully live events. During this transition period, we ask performers to consider donating $20 to help AmateurPianists cover our on-going costs. However this is optional, and we THANK YOU for playing!)

Audience: To attend in person, please visit our website https://www.amateurpianists.org/event-info/summer-recital and RSVP (limited seats)! You can also register here if you wish to watch our live stream.

Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted; we hope to raise as much as we can to fund the 2022 piano competition and festival.

To donate, please go to our website www.AmateurPianists.org. Thank you!

Board of Directors
Lulu Hsu, Keith Weibrecht, Yang Shen, Glenn Kramer, Connie Almond, Dallas Plikuhn, Songqing Wen

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