What we're about

Welcome to AR/VR for Training & Education!

This Meetup group focuses exclusively on using augmented and virtual reality as learning tools, specifically for training and education. Together we will explore how AR and VR, in addition to other emerging technologies, are used as learning & teaching tools.

Institutions and corporations around the world are adopting immersive technologies to scale and expedite training and education. We’re here to figure out the best practices for doing so.

From big ROI wins and accelerated learning to implementation disasters and hardware malfunctions, we analyze and discuss all parts of using emerging technology for learning.

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Event Types:
1. Fire-Side Chats
2. Webinars
3. Presentations
4. Workshops
5. Podcasts
6. Networking Events
7. Design & Development Jams

Group’s Values:
1. Sharing Knowledge
3. Inclusivity
4. Deep Curiosity

Group Rules:
1. Stay curious! We love enthusiasm.
2. No egos allowed.
3. Follow the Golden Rule (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Rule). Toxicity-breeding behavior will not be tolerated. This refers to heckling, cyber bullying, or any other behaviors that make people feel unwelcome.

Past events (12)

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