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ARARITA San Diego Thelema Meetup Message Board › A Poem, my gift to you

A Poem, my gift to you

A former member
Post #: 1
Serpent's Song

'Neath the serpent lies the gem,
Secret jewel of fabled Khem
Of timeless wonders it will tell
With silent voice and mystic spell
Of hidden ways in clearest sight
On a Mobius road through darkness bright.

Oh wisdom of our ancient past
By riddles are your measure cast
To hold away from profane eye
These visions and this haunted cry,
Echoes down endless tomorrows
Giving meaning to all earthly sorrows.

Now to us is knowledge granted
And in our garden a great tree planted,
Starry children drink deep this power
Dance your circle around our tower
For the cosmic chain of evolution
From life to life will find solution.

Learn love's the sole divine petition
And fate is only our own volition;
We choose the drama of these dreams,
From this web only love redeems.
A fragile life is ours on earth
But loving hands give us rebirth.

So dark, this dark, our shining dark,
Open your ways and be the Ark.
Your silence is so vast and pure
And touches the soul with wisdom sure.
Bright visions for us, no longer few,
Of the hidden and lost which we renew.

I hope you can identify Khem. I learned of this name in a writing by Therion...

Understanding what the Gem refers to is very important as a Thelemic thesis.

Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law
Question is, truly, Who (What) Art Thou?

I am Dromadus (aka Stephen Bell)
user 12279395
San Diego, CA
Post #: 1
Thanks, for the post, Stephen and welcome, too.
A former member
Post #: 2
This is a writing I wish to share plus two more poems:

To My Friends,
Life is Mystery. No one has this puzzle solved, despite endless questions and answers, followed by more questions. Simple observations bring new answers that are replaced by great philosophy that is reduced to formulas and augmented by more observations, new questions, and more philosophy and speculations. But Life remains a Mystery, and thus opens to private belief, but only when tolerated by other people.

Darkness in the human condition and the search for Light is one great theme in human history, and is an explanation of our questing after God or the gods and spirits, as we labor on holy temples, write sacred books, and invent both official and secret teachings, and engage in mass public outreach and conversions as well as hidden, guarded conclaves. Maybe any answer chosen morphs into the official requirement for belief, leaving other options to be labeled heresy or blasphemy. Then the cycle begins again.
The following offering represents Life as we so often find it (offered with humorous apologies):

On a soft green world in space,
live the spawn of an unreasonable race.
With no solution to social pollution
they threaten the peace of the place.

Cursed by miniscule minds
they counted in only their kind
So closing their borders with ferocious orders,
themselves to war they did bind.

By day and by night they did fight
and together a world they did blight.
Life was their target just meat for the market
they killed their own children for spite.

The powers that guide through this strife
and promise a much better life
are leaders who love it spinning dreams people covet
just a back that's prepared for the knife.

The word Peace has an ominous sound
to those who make weapons abound,
for destructive devices have big hefty prices,
Please do keep the tensions around.

Vengeance is mine sez the Lord,
to mine do nothing untoward
but as long as I bless it, no need to confess it
a libation to me this blood poured.

In desert lands they do pray
to God three times every day,
the faith's defenders in pious surrender
all others regardless they slay.

Some say Labor's the source of all Wealth,
with obedience for good social health.
The people must pay what they're told every day,
then robbed by their rulers with stealth.

Money's the root of all sin,
but without it you'll never get in
To a good social set, so go deep into debt,
you can solve all your problems with gin.

Some find peace in a chemical vice
and claim drugs are really quite nice.
Don't be annoyed if their mind is a void
all life's just a roll of the dice.

Some play love as a wonderful game
and at scoring find notorious fame.
But when big blue eyes hide a lethal surprise,
only a tombstone remembers their name. (note: written during the peak of the AIDS crisis)

The mother of all life is the ocean
seething with primordial motion,
What is dumped in this glory’s an ob∙noxious story
for she'll end up a poisonous potion.

(To Be Continued)
A former member
Post #: 3
Part 2

What answer is there to Life’s Mystery? Just picking one, or inheriting one, and dismissing all the others might be fine, as long as some people don’t get burnt at the stake for making the so called ‘wrong’ choice. Everyone’s choice is found wrong to someone somewhere.

But is there real validity to any of the answers? And if so, how do you find out?

Know then, that other people will have and hold things differently, but not only is this to be tolerated, it should be celebrated, embraced and carefully pondered.

Any choice is a matter of taste, discernment, desires and expectations as well as family, society, history, training, plus opportunity; and sadly in some times and places, law.

But whatever you adopt as your belief, the Mystery will remain, and I think that is the gift which may express itself with curious words and phrases depicting an altogether phantasmagoric vision and ecstatic mood:

Moon Song

I extend into thee, oh blood fevered moon
I am thy servant as thou art my doom.
Radiant queen, night's pale handmaiden
Splendorous lady, with burdens so laden:
In reaching from heaven thy pallid hands touch
The thoughts and the feelings that underlie much
Of my shadowed world, so hidden so deep,
From such cool intelligence thy counsels I keep.

Sitting within my night enclosed palace
Drinking sweet drops of dew from thy chalice
I ponder thy pride and thy arrogant moods
And envision what thoughts must cause thee to brood;
And yet of thy wonder I'll tell all in song
Of noble enchantments and visions so strong
Of the gods' ancient promise and man's lawful right
And truths many mansions in the fastness of night.

I extend into thee, oh silver Selene,
I am thy servant as thou art my dream.
Lend to us goddess thy spiritual might,
And send us in dreams bright magical sight.
Thy people are scattered and lost in this world
Thy temple's been broken, thy banner's been furled.
But we serve thee true, our strength will not falter
Holding back the profane, keeping sacred thine altar.

And into our world will come a great power
Drawing a circle and building a tower.
A flame shall be kindled and a glory arise,
And thy holy subjects will look to the skies.

The stars shall cry out with a high piercing wail
And the dark earth will tremble as thine enemies fail;
With thy chariot of ecstasy descending at last
A soft brilliant laughter will hold our hearts fast.

I extend into thee and thee into me
As together we cross time's fathomless sea,
Be thou my eyes and guide me aright
As we set our course on this perilous flight.
For the way of thy wisdom is a frightening task
As I rip from myself that comforting mask
Which I've always known as body and mind,
But oh such a promise of mystery to find.

Feeling & intuition often reveal secret pathways upon which your perceptions can carry you to places you may touch upon with delight, but without understanding.
This is the Yin of dreaming the Mystery; of feeling its pulse throb through your very being, from moment to moment and from birth to death and perhaps from life to life.

But Yang follows upon Yin, like day chasing the retreating night and thought reflecting upon what feeling evoked. This is the sword and flame which champions the Mystery at its birth.

I think it is the Why of God, more than the If. If He's not, then He's not and we are just listening to the wind. But if God Is, then the mystery of His origins would be equally as mysterious as the origins of a universe without Him. The only verifiable fact is that existence itself is real, and populated by matter, energy and life which bring consciousness to reveal spirit. If all this is mere illusion, then it is the illusion itself that is real, although That would leave us mired in paradox. But either way, to have anything of either proposition in existence now, something must be forever, un-generated, and therefore holy, whether transcendental or not. If God is real, then That is the big bang. Or if God is a dream, then the Big Bang becomes god. There is one thing, however, which you cannot dispute, and THAT is the only thing you know for certain. It is the one absolute reality you cannot question:
You, yourself, are real, at least at this moment. Pause and Think. If you can think, then you Know: for thinking is not calculation, which any computer may achieve. Two plus two always equals four. But while the mind calculates, it is watching itself do so: perceiving the experience. It is this awareness, the consciousness behind thinking that is real. It is inside of you, it is what we call "I" and defines the SOUL, and it alone is something unquestionably real. And this soul defined by you is the best argument for the reality of spirit and all that it implies.

And it is unlikely that you are alone in the entire universe which would sadly leave you to be a god in solitary confinement. Therefore, you may extend the belief or faith, that others around you also share in having this same subjective state, and therefore join you in reality. And you surely know that you did not create all of this yourself, which leaves you in the Mystery once again.
It is the answer to this question which is the ineffable and unknowable Mystery.

We cannot answer this question which rests upon the nature of what is called spirit, but we are indisputably here to ask it, and to be aware of ourselves asking it, and that is out ultimate reality. Evolution is an amazing story which charts the journey of life that was written into the fossil record. But it cannot reveal the absolute beginning of existence. There are no indisputable answers to this conundrum. So be in the Mystery, where all answers are great because the questions are even more profound. Be at peace in the now, and remember the very human story of what was left over after Pandora opened the box letting troubles escape: Hope. And this…..

(from Forbidden Faith: The Gnostic Legacy from the Gospels to The Da Vinci Code” by Richard Smoley, Harper, San Francisco, 2006 p.207):

“We can no longer speak of the behavior of the particle independently of the “process of observation.” As a final consequence, the natural laws formulated mathematically in quantum theory no longer deal with the elementary particles themselves, but with our knowledge of them. Nor is it any longer possible to ask whether or not these particles exist in space and time objectively.”
For science as it stands now, these limitations are total. There is no seeing past the “process of observation” itself. But the Gnostic tradition holds that these limitations are not total; if they were, we would have no hope of escape. We would not even be aware of a need to escape, because we would take the world totally at face value. But there is something within us that realizes that this is not the whole picture, that this is not how things were meant to be.”

Thus, it is Knowing that prevails. We ourselves are the Secret and the Mystery, and we truly exist in what is forever the Now, this moment. The ancients gave it a name: gnosis. And we have had many great teachers along the way…And one of the ways into this sanctuary was opened by Aleister Crowley long ago, but still remains with us now…

Please remember, We are always Here, and It is always Now
A former member
Post #: 4
Thanks, for the post, Stephen and welcome, too.

Thank you very much. It has been a long time since I have had the chance to communicate with other Thelemites....

I've been into it since the early 1970s.
A former member
Post #: 5
Cyber Mages
There is a way that the world is and works, and it has been so for a long time and for a reason. Although it seems that everybody has a different interpretation of what life is and how to do it best, create the most wealth, make the most meaning, find a better way to work and worship. It has appeared in our more recent times to be a function of thinking and working with intelligence using an elegantly structured and disciplined mind, and also by using a detailed plan and approach with better tools and techniques. Thus we have built Stonehenge, the Pyramids, the Great Wall, the Taj Mahal, the Persian, the Roman, and the British Empires, the Palace at Versailles, the fairy tale castles of Bavarian King Ludwig. Also the violin, the flute, the piano, Beethoven’s 5th, 7th, or 9th or your own particular favorite (like mine): Turindot with Nissen Dorma by Puccini. We’ve created machines that fly in the air or land on the Moon, navigate beneath the oceans, or give us heat, light, and even light that moves secretly through the air to give us sounds and pictures in a box which relates to all of the things we’ve just been talking about. I know we don’t even understand what this means yet.
And there is so much more to note.
In these modern days, we have conquered a new universe of magical ones and zeros, that when combined with electricity, wires or waves using cool, thoughtful, logical, scientific processes that create operating systems, processors, storage devices, and combinations of ones and zeros that make things do special things when put into a box that is also full of light and sound in a very special world that we are all allowed to play in. This has been a citadel of creativity brought to you through the courtesy of intelligence and reason. But I for one, am not so sure that reason alone is responsible for this powerful revolution. There are some ideas that only emerge from some creative inner recesses, sparks dancing from the fingertips of a new warrior caste called programmers, helmeted by flames as a dazzling aura about the head. Every line of computer code is a new thing under the sun.
Reason alone could not have done this. We call them engineers, but I call them wizards, gods, and monsters. You can hear the cry of this warrior caste during a battle against the old gods: “Cool Hack Dude”
Anything less would not have shaken the world so, could not have delighted us with such a sublime new universe! And if you have not been shaken, you must wake up. We have entered a world so new and different from everything that went before it that Homo Sapiens as a species is being replaced by Cyber Sapiens, conquerors of the ones and the zeros and riding upon their electrical beasts ahead of a great army that gets bigger and stronger every moment.
Shaken the world it has. We cannot even comprehend the ends that will be achieved from what is already started, and real. There is an artistry that pulls inspiration from out of the very air, leaving behind what is precious and lasting. There is something of the spiritual in it. I mean a kind of religion that thrives on vision, sacrifice, even fanaticism. Jihads out of the desert. Old time revivals. Monks cloistered in the monastery while life goes on elsewhere, without them. And Magic! There is magic. I've seen people work in ways that could only be divination and transformation. The Necronomicon was never as powerful as the Tablet of Ascii or the Binary Scrolls.
And all these things are done with passion and emotions that are not soft. Like a cry in the wilderness when a network goes down. Like Sisyphus rolling the rock to the summit, only to be told a new iteration will be ready soon. Like the prophet who labors in the desert for forty days and forty nights and then finds the project specifications have all changed. Like the patient and enduring scribe who carefully records all manner of wise and enlightening words just before the database crashes. Ah yes, and we frequently encounter the philosophy of Torquemada among those who walk the secret halls of power and rule over these magical warriors. It is mostly science, yes, but art and magic and divination which takes much courage. It has been grand exploring this world.
A former member
Post #: 6
From: Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board;

“Many people may be unaware that Aleister Crowley advocated the Ouija board’s use. Jane Wolfe, who lived with Crowley at his … Abbey of Cefalu, also used the Ouija board. She credits some of her greatest spiritual communications to use of this implement. Crowley also discussed the Ouija board with another of his students, Frater Achad (Charles Sansfeld Jones); it is frequently mentioned in their unpublished letters. Throughout 1917 Achad experimented with the board as a means of summoning Angels,, as opposed to Elementals. In one letter Crowley told Jones, “Your Ouija board experiment is rather fun. You see how very satisfactory it is, but I believe things improve greatly with practice. I think you should keep to one angel, and make the magical preparations more elaborate.”
Over the next few years both became so fascinated with the board that they discussed marketing their own design. Their discourse culminated in a letter, dated February 21, 1919, in which Crowley tells Jones, “Re: Ouija Board. I offer you the position of my confidential agent in this matter, on the basis of 10 percent of my net profit. You are, if you accept this, responsible for the legal protection of the ideas, and the marketing of the copyrighted designs. I trust that this may be satisfactory to you. I hope to let you have the material in the course of a week…” In March, Crowley wrote to Achad to inform him, “I’ll think up another name for Ouija.” But their business venture never came to fruition and Crowley’s new design, along with his name for the board, has not survived.
Magicians have long known that the triangular shape of the planchette is such a unique magickal and archetypal symbol that it automatically acts as an invisible doorway. When any unsuspecting person places their hands on the triangle and asks, “Is Someone there?” it enacts a simplistic but nevertheless magical command for the closest astral entity to be summoned through the portal.
We’ve all heard horror stories of how this has accidentally occurred through the board: it is legendary for causing such tragedies as obsessions, possession, or the unleashing of terrifying poltergeists and hauntings. …What the average person fails to realize is that these unsuccessful ventures prove beyond a shred of doubt that the board is capable of bridging the invisible world with out own, but it must be done correctly.

Grady Louis McMurtry (1918-1985) was the previous world leader of Aleister Crowley’s infamous fraternity known as Ordo Templi Orientis. He had been one of Crowley’s students since the early ‘40s and had met the Great Beast numerous times while serving as a young Army officer during World War II. I (author speaking) met Grady in 1977, and he spent times at my house in Connecticut on several occasions. During one of our many talks on magick, the conversation drifted into spiritism and ghost-hunting. On this subject we shared common stories and good laughs; however, one topic made Grady extremely serious. When I mentioned the Ouija board to ask his opinion on its use, without hesitation he stressed strongly that it was his and Crowley’s belief that it was not a toy to be played with lightly, and that the average person walks on dangerous ground when using the board. In fact, he said, knowing what he does about the board, he’d never use it casually. This bewildered me while piquing my curiosity.
He obliged me with a lengthy discourse, the gist of which was that a talking board utilizes the same angelic principle practiced by the Elizabethan magician John Dee (1527-1608). The board could be used to summon Enochian or lower elemental forces, which, as any true magician will attest, can be very dangerous if left unchecked. Grady further pointed out that John Dee looked into the invisible realms, known as Aethyrs, through the use of a crystal ball. Here the angels appeared and communicated their messages by pointing to one letter at a time on huge boards of letters.
The same principle, he said, holds true for the talking board, but instead of going within the realm of the angels, we bring the entities out into our world to communicate in the same fashion, allowing them to move the triangle from one letter to another to spell out messages. Enochican magick is so unique that it comes with a warning that no one should dabble in its affairs unless extremely well-versed in the subject. Even non-believers who have attempted experiments have had strange if not dangerous things happen to them. Like the Ouija board, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in the system or not; it simply works…
Grady said it best, and I have come to agree with him, that the ultimate secret when beginning to use the board is not to simply ask “Is someone there?” You must know exactly who is being summoned and from where. You do not want to blindly open a doorway into the lower astral plane. Otherwise, what one obtains through a Ouija board, if not from a lower elemental, is little more than a lucid window whereby uncontrolled imagery from the subconscious mind is allowed to ramble forth, filtering through into reality. Magickal success with a Ouija board can only be achieved if it is used in conjunction with ritualistic and ceremonial techniques of High Magick. This is where the teachings of Aleister Crowley come into the picture.
In some ways I agree with those researchers who have wondered whether or not the board is safe for the average person to use, like Grady, I too believe that it is probably one of the most dangerous devices every placed in the hands of humanity. It easily opens the doorway to an invisible world, allowing individuals to immerse themselves into realms beyond their wildest fantasies by merely laying their hands upon an instrument called the planchette…The Ouija board is well known for causing such tragedies as obsessions and possessions, hauntings, or the unleashing of terrifying poltergeists. It is an instant portal into the lower astral plane…

From Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board
J. Edward Cornelius, Feral House 2005. pp. i - 4

I attest to the experience of information coming to me via the Ouija board which purported to be from Aleister Crowley, and seemed to open ways and means of understanding new concepts. This was my doorway into Thelemic Studies, many many years ago.
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