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Arclight Healing is the cutting edge for people wanting to evolve and who love sincere visceral personal growth with solid results. Arclight Healing is based on a model that the human body is actually a bio-android unto itself that we as souls inhabit. In essence, we are inhabiting a very complex bio-computer system that came without an owners manual. Arclight Healing is the spiritual mental emotional owners manual for the bio-andronic computer known as the human body. The possibilities are endless regarding healing the human experience from duality to oneness, in essence, back to an innocent perception. Regardless of how many ways we learn to heal, the main goal with Arclight Healing is: Spiritual Sovereignty.
These meet-ups are for teaching and answers and questions among a myriad of other ventures. Please attend if you feel called to be involved with this incredible new science of mind body and spirit and how they integrate; and how you can train yourself to know exactly what to do when your android acts up.

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