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One purpose of ART OF DECEPTIONS is to expose deception and coverup, and so, features members' photo-art and paintings that expose governments' classified, secret, climate engineering programs. The idea is to assume the role of artists, with artistic displays, starting simple with cellphone camera photographs of what is being sprayed in the sky by aircraft. Photograph or scan parts of documents related to geo-engineering, creating artistic displays of evidence proving that covert programs exist. Art displays will be informative demonstrations. Members could, if they want, eventually meet to share and display their "Art" at relaxed coffee houses that encourage art and intellectual conversation. Our members could infiltrate other Meetups like Toastmasters for example, to improve our public speaking skills, while at the same time displaying our "Art". In the future, members could Meet, combining our displays into an ever changing traveling art exhibit that changes according to which Artists show up. Members are encouraged to enter their original ART OF DECEPTIONS into various art contests.

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PodShare, Hollywood

"Art does not solve problems, but makes us aware of their existence," Magdalena Abakanowicz (Polish, b.1930)

http://www.abakanowicz.art.pl/crowds/TlumMucsarnok.php.html .........................

I could organize and promote an Art exhibition that exposes Climate Engineering and exposes the problems it causes for us including California's drought. The Art exhibit could display artwork by members of this group, plus an information table about the related subjects of Weather modification, Weather Warfare, and Geoengineering. The Art exhibit could be located at Podshare Labs, near Hollywood and Vine. https://desksnear.me/locations/podshare-hollywood/6566-pods

You could create for this exhibit meaningful Art, exposing the problems of weather engineering, while the controlled media covers the subject up with silence, deception, and disinformation. So, get informed. Here are a couple links to get you started:



Research the stealth weapon of weather modification. Then create and share with us, in the conversation box below, links about your art regarding this subject. And then, I will set a date for our Art exhibit.

Exposing Lies'n Deception
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In addition to organizing "ART OF DECEPTIONS", I join & attend other Meetups, like painting parties. While their members paint the nice beach scene that the instructor painted, I paint that scene too, but instead of painting healthy wild palm trees, I paint what I see, dead and dying trees under a sky of toxic white geoengineered aerosols. Increase your own catalogue of protest art, so that in the future, this group's members can Meetup and communicate the truth about the lies, through our Art Exhibitions.

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