What we're about

ASK AND WONDER are live-interviews and thought-provoking dialogue about reason and faith in a skeptical world. I (Pedro R. Garcia) will be in dialogue with experts on Theology, Science, Philosophy and History (Christians and Non-Christians). Every week, we will go where the evidence leads us.

Christians and Non-Christians have the capacity of loving, being compassionate and the gift of asking questions. It is time to have a place where everyone can participate in dialogue, inquisitively and compassionately, about questions that concern us all and potential answers that in a way or another, can make us better people.

Each event consists in:

-Welcome to Attendants
-Introduction of Guest Speaker
-Live-Interview/Thought-Provoking Dialogue
-Questions from the Audience

Everyone is invited!

Pedro R. García.

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The Donelson Fellowship

Grill Pedro from Ask and Wonder

Online event

How my life was changed: a Christian/secular conversation

Sylvan Park Church | Nashville, TN

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