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A Snail's Pace Running Academy offers a medically based, structured training program for runners/walkers of all levels. Our goal is to safely train each individual and help them accomplish their own "A Fitness Lifestyle" goals.


In the Brea area classes are offered 7 AM Saturday mornings and 6 PM Tuesday evenings. These classes meet at 130 S. State College Blvd., Brea (in the parking lot behind the office buildings).

Classes offered are:

5K Walking/Running Training: This is a 8 week class meeting 2 times per week. Our goal, in addition to having fun, is to assist you in increasing your overall health profile.

Half Marathon Training is a 16+ week, 1x a week group. We can help you complete your first half marathon or prepare you to improve upon a previous events time. As with all of our courses, we are very goal oriented. Classes are held Saturday 7am at 130 S.St.College Blvd., Brea.

Marathon Training is a 20+ week, 1x a week group. We offer multiple training schedules depending on the ability of the runner. We are here to challenge you but safely guide you through your training. Classes are held Saturday 7am at 130 S.St.College Blvd., Brea.

We will not only get you to the start line of the race, but prepare you to successfully complete your event and be stronger in your day to day activities.


A Snail's Pace Running Academy is officially sponsored by BROOKS RUNNING. All participants will receive:

-a Brooks Technical Training Shirt with the Running Academy Logo

-a Brooks Technical Training Cap,

-a discount coupon worth $15.00 off Brooks shoes at any A Snail's Pace Running Shop,

-a coupon worth $15.00 off any purchase of $50 or more at A Snail's Pace Running Shop.

-you will receive 10% off of all purchases made at any A Snail's Pace Running Shop while you are a participant of the Running Academy

All coaches are CPR certified. You also have access to a full line of Medical Professional who work directly with all A Snail's Pace Running Academy Coaches and Athletes.

-Structured, "goal oriented" training schedules

-We also provide your with informative workshops based on your goal oriented needs.

Enrollment fee for all programs is as follows: 5K training- $99, Half Marathon- $149 and Full Marathon- $199.

Upcoming events (5+)

Winter Runderland 5K Training Week 1 Session 2

130 S State College Blvd

Hello Snails, Welcome to your weekday group run. Here are your workouts for the week: 5K Group Sunday: Walk Monday: 30 minutes of Strength & Conditioning Tuesday: 30-minute group run at a walk 4 minutes, run 1-minute interval on your own Wednesday: 30 minutes of Strength & Conditioning Thursday: 30-minute group run at a walk 4 minutes, run 1-minute interval followed by group stretches and strength exercises Friday: Recovery day Just a reminder that it will be dark before we begin our workout so make sure you bring a light. We have various light available at our A Snail's Pace Running Shops. Remember to take your member card to receive your discount. Also, wear visible clothing. See you soon, Coach Michelle[masked]

Snails Marathon Training 16 miler

130 S State College Blvd

Hi Marathoners! We had a smaller but very dedicated group last Saturday, tackling some hills in our 14 miler with rain clouds hanging over our heads. We got lucky and ended up with perfect conditions for a long run. Congrats to those of you who ran the Irvine Half. Hopefully you are getting your runs in this week. Be safe in the rain. This Saturday we'll meet at 6:30 instead of 7 due to a commitment I have late Saturday morning. I was hoping to get you out on some trails this weekend, but the rains are making a mess of them. So, we'll repeat our last 16 mile course: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/21910026 Take the Tracks to Birch. Right on Birch. Cross over at Valencia when Birch becomes Rose Drive and continue on Rose past Bastanchury. Left on Cajon Trail. Continue on the trail past the Nixon Library. Take the tunnel under Lakeview, sharp right and cross over Imperial Hwy. Take a right on the trail. At the end of the trail, left on Grandview, right on Mountain View. Cross Kellogg. Right on Sunmist. Your turnaround point is at the end of Sunmist. Then return the way you came. I'll be running short this week, about 4 miles because I'm running the Pasadena Half on Sunday morning. I'll set up an aid station at the Yorba Linda Community Center. Here is our schedule this Week Today - 5 rainy miles + 25 min S&C Wednesday - 40 min S&C Thursday 5 rainy miles + 25 min S&C Friday - Off Saturday 16 miles Sunday 3 miles easy. I realize that some of you get concerned about how fast you are running our long runs on Saturday mornings. There are a couple things you should take into consideration. Our shorter long runs have hills, sometimes several. These will impact your pace and challenge you. You might feel that you worked harder and are more tired during the run than our 18 miler. These runs are about recovering from pounding of the longer efforts while still building strength. They will help you tremendously when you encounter the rolling LA Marathon course. The second thing to consider is that you should not run your long runs at marathon race pace. Our long runs are about time on your feet, logging miles and building endurance. We don't taper for these runs so you may be running on tired legs. Trust me, after tapering, you'll be able to run a faster pace on race day. Run at a conversational pace and take advantage by chatting with your running buddies. I think I have always loved training for marathons because I could have long conversations with my training partners. My old time running buddy and I solved all of the world's problems on our long runs. We also shared a lot of dad jokes. I'm looking forward to seeing you at 6:30 AM Saturday morning. Coach Bill

RA Brea Half Marathon Winter Training

130 S State College Blvd

Hello runners! Great run yesterday! I’m sorry I couldn’t post until now - technical difficulties :( Here’s the planned runs for the week upcoming and next weekend. I will find out when/where if there is a group midweek run - I do not coach it. Sunday 1/13 2 miles easy recovery flush run (this is designed to remove the toxins built up in your body from the long runs). If you are pressed for time, even a walk will be beneficial. Monday 30 min Strength and Conditioning for Runners (SCR) These are the exercises we did with Dr. Underwood, although, he was hard to hear and it was raining, please refer to your handout that Michelle emailed to you with the pictures of the floor exercises that he did not cover. I will go over these again after our long runs. Tuesday 2 miles MEDIUM pace Wednesday 30 minutes Strength and Conditioning (SCR). Thursday 3 miles MEDIUM pace. I can go over the different paces if you need me to on Saturday. Friday OFF - rest up for our long runs Saturday 4 miles EASY SLow pace and bring your water bottle. I will film you before our run for the Good Form Running (GFR). This will allow me to analyze your foot strike and biomechanics and offer changes, if any, that may need to be made, to make you a more efficient runner. Sunday 1/20 - 2 miles EASY recovery Flush run. Thanks for being a great group of runners in the rain! You are each hardcore for showing up. I can’t wait to get to know you more and help you meet your goals for this upcoming Spring. Also, as a reminder, I know we are all busy people, and if we start on time, we end on time. If you are running late, we will wait for a few minutes. And, along with house-keeping, please do not wear ear buds as we run across streets and on streets, safety first. If you feel you must have music, use only one ear bud so you can hear oncoming traffic and/or traffic that may be behind you on the trails and on the streets. Lastly, I love to get to know you, and if you have time after our runs, come join the group for a post-run snack, coffee or breakfast at the local coffee bean cafe. See you Saturday! ~Coach Byrd

Fall Fitness Fun Half Marathon Training - 8 Miles St College

130 S State College Blvd

Great Job on the 12 mile run last week, you guys were awesome and you did it in the rain!!! Now you have the confidence to know you can go the distance in any type of weather. We are going to run 8 miles starting at 130 S. State College so please be sure to bring water and/or electrolytes so that you stay hydrated. Get plenty of rest and eat something light when you wake up because our run will be 8 miles and will include HILLS. Also bring your yoga mat and a towel. We will be doing some additional post stretches after our run. Please start thinking about your nutrition for the long runs. There are tips below. From the Brea at the Tracks, head West to Brea Blvd. Turn left at Brea Blvd. Turn left on Bastanchury Rd. Turn Left on Kraemer. Turn left on Birch. Turn right at the Brea at the Tracks Trail and head back. https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/21654495 Please make sure you get your time in during the week as well. Here is the schedule for this week. Monday - 30 mins S&C TUESDAY - 4 miles at race pace or better WEDNESDAY - 30 mins S&C THURSDAY - 4 miles at race pace or better FRIDAY - Off Day Weekly Inspiration: "Winning doesn't always mean getting first place. It means getting the best out of yourself." - Meb Keflezghi Weekly Tip: Go Efficient- Runners World Magazine Run farther and faster with less effort by training to boost your running economy. One way to do it is to simply run more: Start by adding an extra short, easy run to your weekly routine, or by adding 5 minutes to each of your normal runs. Another way is to train on hills - build some into your normal routes or do repeats. Strength- training with heavy weights also improves economy. We are looking forward to seeing you Saturday. Have a great week. - Coach Jim & Tammy Jim[masked] Tammy[masked] ________________________________ CUSTOM FIT YOUR RUNNING ACADEMY TRAINING We live in a fast pace, hustle and bustle world. So many complications. Keeping healthy should not be complicated. A Snail's Pace Running Academy has taken the stress out of keeping fit. We put the FUN back in RUN. Let us help you take the first step to achieve your 2019 half marathon goals. Sign up online today- https://www.asnailspace.net/product/half-marathon-spring-session/ • What to bring Water bottle, interval watch, workout attire & a great attitude!

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