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A Snail's Pace Running Academy offers a medically based, structured training program for runners/walkers of all levels. Our goal is to safely train each individual and help them accomplish their own "A Fitness Lifestyle" goals.


In the Brea area classes are offered 7 AM Saturday mornings and 6 PM Tuesday evenings. These classes meet at 130 S. State College Blvd., Brea (in the parking lot behind the office buildings).

Classes offered are:

5K Walking/Running Training: This is a 8 week class meeting 2 times per week. Our goal, in addition to having fun, is to assist you in increasing your overall health profile.

Half Marathon Training is a 16+ week, 1x a week group. We can help you complete your first half marathon or prepare you to improve upon a previous events time. As with all of our courses, we are very goal oriented. Classes are held Saturday 7am at 130 S.St.College Blvd., Brea.

Marathon Training is a 20+ week, 1x a week group. We offer multiple training schedules depending on the ability of the runner. We are here to challenge you but safely guide you through your training. Classes are held Saturday 7am at 130 S.St.College Blvd., Brea.

We will not only get you to the start line of the race, but prepare you to successfully complete your event and be stronger in your day to day activities.


A Snail's Pace Running Academy is officially sponsored by BROOKS RUNNING. All participants will receive:

-a Brooks Technical Training Shirt with the Running Academy Logo

-a Brooks Technical Training Cap,

-a discount coupon worth $15.00 off Brooks shoes at any A Snail's Pace Running Shop,

-a coupon worth $15.00 off any purchase of $50 or more at A Snail's Pace Running Shop.

-you will receive 10% off of all purchases made at any A Snail's Pace Running Shop while you are a participant of the Running Academy

All coaches are CPR certified. You also have access to a full line of Medical Professional who work directly with all A Snail's Pace Running Academy Coaches and Athletes.

-Structured, "goal oriented" training schedules

-We also provide your with informative workshops based on your goal oriented needs.

Enrollment fee for all programs is as follows: 5K training- $99, Half Marathon- $149 and Full Marathon- $199.

Upcoming events (5+)

Winter Runderland 5K Training Week 6 Session 2

130 S State College Blvd

Hello Snails, Great job on the long 50-minute run on Saturday! I heard from Coach Julie you did well. I'm so proud of all of you. Here are your workouts for the week. 5K Sunday- X-train or a short walk Monday- 35 minutes of strength training Tuesday- 35-minute workout at a walk 3:00 minutes/ run 2:00-minute interval. Wednesday- 35 minutes of strength training Thursday- 40-minute group workout at a walk 3:00 minutes/ run 2:00-minutes interval. Followed by a strength and stretching session. Friday- REST/RECOVERY Here is a fun race to participate in at the end of our winter session. https://tustinhangarhalf.com/ Discount code is: SNAILSPACE See you soon, Coach Michelle[masked]

Winter Runderland 5K/Half Nutrition Workshop

130 S State College Blvd

We all know that we should exercise. It benefits our overall health, it can be a good stress reliever, it can help shed unwanted pounds and many other benefits. We also all know that we should eat healthily. The confusion comes in how to eat healthy for an active person who exercises regularly. Eating healthy for someone who is inactive vs. eating healthy for an active person. You also have an unknown area of eating well for someone training for a 5K vs. someone who is training for a marathon. Another important aspect of this workshop is learning how to eat for recovery. The right fuels will allow you to repair muscles more efficiently. Subtle changes in your diet can lead to great benefits. This workshop will definitely help you through your day to day choices and assist you long term. This is a goal of ours to educate you so that you will have a better quality of life long term. The workshop will be given by one of our team doctors, Dr.James Lander who is not only a chiropractor but an elite athlete. http://landerchiropractic.com/ PLEASE SUBMIT ANY SPECIFIC QUESTIONS VIA THIS MEETUP SO WE MAKE SURE TO ADDRESS THEM AT THE WORKSHOP.

RA Brea Half Marathon Training

Needs a location

Hey runners, great work running 6 sunny, beautiful miles today! Yay for Margaret and Henry who ran the ‘extra’ hill on Kraemer! So happy we had some of our usual SoCal weather today, we needed it after two weeks of Saturday sog. So for this week, let’s keep up with our mid week runs, building upon and capitalizing on our endurance that is getting stronger. For those of you that don’t use any electrolytes, please bring on Saturdays[masked] calories to fuel up during the run along with your water (belt or hand held) as your glycogen gets depleted as we run longer and longer and with 90 minute runs soon coming, you will want to test a few types of fuel to see if they work with your system. Dr. Lander will discuss more nutrition on Saturday. Please bring your questions or email me this week... [masked] so I can forward to the Doc. Here’s our workouts this week: Sunday - easy flush run, move, even if it is slower, Monday will feel more energetic if you move on Sunday. Monday - 30 minutes SCR Tuesday - 4miles MEDIUM PACE Wednesday - 30 miuntes SCR Thursday - 4 miles MEDIUM PACE run Friday off Saturday - Long run, 7 easy slow miles. We want to keep you in the aerobic zone, conversational pace. If you aren’t able to sing the ABC song without huffing and puffing, you are going too fast. If you have a buddy to run with, you should be able to talk in complete sentences without gasping. Your midweek runs are for the anaerobic zone where you huff and puff, gasp for air (so-to-speak). Sunday - Brea 8K - optional - use as a flush run - great idea. :) Keeping your runs at different paces helps in the cellular growth in your system (body) and also keeps the runs fresh so they are not all mundane routine. Remember, using the right side and left side of our body through movement helps us sort through problems and is very good for us. No wonder we feel so great after our runs, right? Have a GREAT week and don’t forget to smile at people, you never know what they’re going through. ~Coach Byrd

Snails Marathon training 14 miles

130 S State College Blvd

Hi Marathoners! After a couple weekends of rain, we had the perfect weather for a long run Saturday morning. Nice job on the 18 miles last week. Plan on a brunch at Lazy Dog, 240 S. State College Blvd, Brea, CA 92821 after our run on Saturday. This week we run 14. We'll take a tour of Brea and Fullerton. Here is a link to our route: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/22593991 Go south on Start College. Cross Bastanchury and go right. Take the trail to the left to the top of Panorama Preserve. Wait at one of the overlooks so we can take a group photo. Continue down Panorama Trail, right on the trail at Ridgetop , which takes you down and around the golf course coming out by the baseball fields. Left on Brea Blvd. Cross Harbor take the little hill up and go right at the courthouse on the Juanita Cook Trail. go about 3/4 miles and go left at the water fountain on the Hiltscher Park trail. Cross Euclid, continue on the trail. At then end of the trail, continue on Valley View, right on Bastanchury. Cross at the light, right at the railroad tracks, left on Parks Road, Right on Rosecrans, left on Euclid, Right on Laguna Road, left on the trail to Laguna Lake. REfill water and restrooms. Continue on trail past Laguna Lake to Hermosa, Right on Hermosa, cross Harbor, continue on Briarwood, right on Eadington, left on Arovista, Right on Lime, Left on Jasmine. At the short wall, right down the stairs into Arovista Park. Left at the baseball fields, cross Imperial Hwy, right on Imperial, left on the Brea Tracks Trail, up the stairs, right on trail, cross Brea Blvd and return to the start. Here is our schedule this week: Monday Off Tuesday - 5 miles + 25 min S&C Wednesday - 40 min S&C Thursday 5 miles + 25 min S&C Friday off Saturday 14 miles Sunday 3 easy We are in the thick of the training for the LA Marathon. Right now it may be tempting to make up for missed runs, slip in another half marathon, increase the intensity of your runs or do extra miles on our weekend long runs. Please don't give into that temptation, because recovery from the 20, 18 and 22 miles runs is where you actually build your strength and endurance. A run of that distance will cause microtears in your muscles, and the recovery runs, cross training and rest will allow those fibers to heal and become stronger. It's important to keep your focus on your goal, LA on March 24. The long runs and mid week training runs are designed to get you there race ready and healthy. My trick to force me to go easy the day after a long run is to bring our Airdale Mabel on my run. It forces me keep it reasonably short, allows me to run fast for a little bit, slow for short periods, stop and smell the roses, bark at other dogs (Mabel not me) and just relax during the run. It prepares me to go hard on our scheduled hard days and long during the weekend. I saw this tweet from a well renowned coach, Hal Higdon, yesterday, "Rest is essential if you want to maximize your potential as a runner, because only when you rest do your tired muscles recuperate and actually build strength. If you overtrain by doing too much, you ot only risk injury, but you also will be unable to train successfully." See you Saturday! Coach Bill

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