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Angular 2 and Hexo: Static Meets Dynamic For the Best of Both Worlds!

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6:30-7:00: Social Time

7:00-7:15: Announcements

7:15: Presenter Jeff Ammons

Pop Quiz: Which is faster and more scalable a) a dynamic website or b) a static website?

Of course the answer is b, but with a static website you are stuck with a limited, outdated, functionless site, right?


The world has changed and for those willing to check out the environment outside the comfortable box, some exciting new options exist!

Of course you don't want to hand code a bunch of HTML, but with a Static Website Generator you don't have to.

Instead you maintain files that combine Markdown for content and YAML for metadata. Hmm, sounds like a simple database doesn't it?

When you make changes, you run the "compile" step locally and render out static HTML ready to deploy to a server (Git is great for this).

Years ago this would have meant a dull, lifeless site, but as a member of an Angular user group you know that rich client UX can be had via JavaScript.

In this talk, Jeff Ammons will expand on his Pluralsight course "Build a Better Blog with a Static Site Generator" ( ) and show you how you can create a site with a static back-end and dynamic front-end thanks to Angular 2.

In other words let your static content be static and your dynamic content truly dynamic.

For a taste of Jeff's Pluralsight course, check out the YouTube Promo he made:


Jeff Ammons is CEO and Chief Instructor at Code Career Academy ( ( as well as a Pluralsight author, Microsoft MVP, and User Group leader who has worked in software for over 25 years. Jeff has done everything from technical writing (remember when software came with manuals?) to writing distributed systems with Java, C#, SQL Server, Oracle, JavaScript. He has held titles from Multimedia Specialist to Development Coach to Senior Software Engineer to Principal Architect.Jeff has worked for some of the largest and smallest companies in the Atlanta metro area. Jeff blogs at ( which he bills as the "Infrequent Ramblings of a Technoloon".